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Berlinale 2009: Talent Campus News

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 From the official Berlinale press release:

Berlinale Talent Campus #7, February 7 – 12, 2009

The application deadline for the Berlinale Talent Campus is October 8, 2008. Producers, directors, actors, cinematographers, screenwriters, editors, production designers, film music composers, sound designers, film journalists and visual artists from all over the world are invited to apply online through the Campus website,


Focus 2009: Turning Points


The Berlinale Talent Campus 2009 will address the theme: “Suddenly, It All Happened – The turning point in close-up”. Storytelling is one of the central aspects of successful filmmaking and is as old as humanity itself. Stories have always connected people to their culture. It is a communication medium used to influence others, to seduce, convince or even manipulate them. It can explain certain things or keep people and events from fading in our memories. Successful films and compelling stories thrive on turning points, events that give a plot a new and critical direction. These turning points can make the film experience unique and overwhelming. However they are not only responsible for shaping a successful plot development, they also play a central part on other levels of filmmaking. Whether actor, cinematographer, editor or composer – everyone will face a turning point in the creative process and deal with its aftermath. The Berlinale Talent Campus, which for some participants is a turning point in their career, will focus in 2009 on turning points as a driving force in filmmaking and will illuminate every facet of the fascinating effect they can have.




Apply! Apply! The Berlinale Talent Campus is great fun and a fantastic way to meet filmmakers and journos. Plus, all flights and accommodation during the Campus are paid for!


I went last year - and had an amazing time. Here's where to find out what the 2008 journo contingent thought of the last Campus: Talent Press 2008.




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