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Peter Jackson bored with movies, moves to Xbox

peter jacksonAfter returning from Mordor and battling Kong, Peter Jackson has just signed with Microsoft to develop 'a new form of interactive entertainment' for the Xbox 360. The Oscar winnner, soon to begin production on a film version of the video game Halo is set to create a series based on the Bungie Studios shoot-em-up franchise.

As reported by the BBC, Jackson commented  "More and more I'm looking forward to the release of games and not movies. I am more aware and excited about games.

"I do not have to keep delivering stories as movies - there are other things I can do.

"Technology is at a point where we can blend a lot of film storytelling with interactive entertainment," adding that the series would not be for hard-core gamers.

Mr Jackson will set up an interactive arm of his firm, Wingnut, and will work with Halo creators Bungie Studios to develop the series. "Gaming could be a form of entertainment that you could enjoy with the emotion of film, but you could also be interactive."