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UK Distributors Hire A Pirate Buster


Investigator Will Train Cinema Staff

Film Pirates Come in Many Guises

As Pirates of the Caribbean premieres in the UK, another kind of pirate is making preparations to rip off the film's producers. DVD copies of the new film are expected to be on the streets within two days, but the industry is fighting back. Now, UK film distributors have agreed to fund a "cinema investigator" to tackle pirates who film new releases direct from the silver screen to illegal DVDs.


Fake DVD Operation Smashed in Edinburgh Raid


Police raids are carried out on suspect premisesA counterfeit DVD operation being run from an Edinburgh city centre flat has been smashed in a raid by police and trading standards officers. The flat in the Marchmont area was believed to be the centre of an illegal operation producing pirate films and computer games. Movies and games with a value of more than £10,000 were seized from the property, along with computer hardware.


UK Government Inquiry into DRM calls for full disclosure

"once someone has purchased a great deal of protected music for an iPod then if their next player is not manufactured by Apple this music could become inaccessible to them."  

The All Party Internet Group's public inquiry into Digital Rights Management (the software which dictates how you can and cannot use a piece of digital content) today published their 30 page report. The UK government group has made recomendations that music and video purchased with  DRM should be completely transparant about the system and limitations that a  work is encoded with. The proposals call for a ban on enforcing mandatory DRM. Furthermore, in cases such as Sony's Rootkit  issue (where copies of Sony CDs installed software onto users hardware  which opened security holes and also stipulated unworkable levels of constraints on the user) the manufacturer could face prosecution.


Major Copyright Overhaul Long Overdue


International copyright symbolCopyright laws governing the UK’s creative industries are outdated and need to be radically overhauled to fit in with today’s modern and digital society, says the National Consumer Council. The NCC declaration is targeted at the former editor of The Financial Times, Andrew Gowers, who is currently reviewing the UK’s intellectual property framework.


Police Shut Huge UK Pirate DVD Factory


Stemming the tide of piracy- illegal Harry Potter discs intended for the Chinese marketThe biggest pirate DVD factory ever to be discovered in the UK has been closed down, stopping an operation that could churn out 60,000 illegal DVDs every day. Altogether 300 film titles were discovered, from the latest animation feature, Ice Age 2 – due in UK cinemas tomorrow - to pornography films featuring bestiality.