This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Michael Moore: "I think ideas, information and art should be shared"

 As Sicko gears up for release in the US on June 29 to strong reviews from the left and right, it has already hit the BitTorrent sites in a high quality version, getting more rave reviews from the blogsphere, and even Michael Moore's approval. The director says in the video below that his motivation as a filmmaker is to spread ideas, and so long as people aren't profiting from his work, he doesn't see any problem with online 'sharing' of his film.

Following on from this - Information Week has just published a well-reasoned attack of the 'Information Economy' - which most current media business thinking is built on  - by Cory Doctorow (quoted below):

"The futurists were just plain wrong. An "information economy" can't be based on selling information. Information technology makes copying information easier and easier. The more IT you have, the less control you have over the bits you send out into the world. It will never, ever, EVER get any harder to copy information. The information economy is about selling everything except information." continued