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Studio Beyond Film Competition

Studio Beyond, the global online business platform for the entertainment industry,  is accepting submissions for its first "Notable Filmmaker" competition.

The winning trailers will be shown on our "Movie City" homepage as well as in our ‘Executive’s Online Screening Room’ where sales agents, distributors, film financiers, film festivals, producers have gathered to watch your movies.  

How to submit your work: Register for FREE on and then apply to the Talent Call opened by Studio Beyond by clicking on the red Alert once you enter your online studio office.

Contest ends 20th Dec, 2012



0 # www.studiobeyond.netStudio Beyond 2011-12-09 10:28
Studio Beyond has extended the closing date of this competition to the end of February to allow for more entries.

Login to Studio Beyond at and upload your trailer for a chance to win this Notable Filmaker competition and have studio execs view your Trailer.