This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

2Weeks 2Make It – the North’s music video contest

The South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network (SYFN) is staging their music video competition ‘2Weeks 2Make It’ for the 4th time.

Since 2005 ‘2Weeks 2Make It’ brings together filmmakers with Northern upcoming musicians. Paired up in random teams, bands and filmmakers have two weeks to create a music video. The completed music clips will be presented on 29th April during a Gala Event at the Sensoria Festival of Music and Film.

Rewards for the winning filmmaker will be the chance to make a music video for a signed musician plus a cash prize. The successful band will get excellent distribution opportunities. In 2009, the winners were rewarded with a record contract.

The event is sponsored by Screen Yorkshire, Sensoria Festival of Music and Film, Northern Net, Sheffield Independent Film and Bluespec Digital Media. Applicants are invited to send in the completed forms along with an example of their work. The closing date is March 29th.

Selected participants are going to meet on March 31st for an Industry Day in Sheffield. This event consists of different master classes lead by a panel of experts incouding Caroline Bottomley from Radar Music Videos and Roo Piggott from Sunshine HQ. It is the opportunity to make contacts, get to know each other and increase the knowledge about the creation of music videos and the industry. And, that night, our big Launch Event will take place.. Accompanied by live music and guest speakers, the teams will be joined together and given 2Weeks 2Make It!

From the initial conceptualisation and inspiration to the final realisation, participants are given two weeks to finish the entire music video. The final products will be shown during a big Gala Competition Screening Event as a part of the Sensoira Festival of Music and Film in Sheffield on the 29th April. The public as well as a panel of experts will choose a winning team out of the bunch.

Further information and the application forms for interested filmmakers and musicians can be found on our website

About SYFN

The South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network is a non profit organisation. It was founded with the intention to strengthen South Yorkshire’s film and media community. SYFN assists those new to the business with navigation through and networking within the film industry. The Network is also providing filmmakers with information about opportunities within the region.

The SYFN is led by Producer and Head of Operations Dr. Rob Speranza. To find out more about the SYFN please visit