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Film Director Fights To Keep 'Withnail & I' Off The Stage


Paul McGann and Richard E Grant in Withnail and I (1987)For years, student union bars have resounded to such memorable lines as "I demand to have some booze" and "Officer, I've only had a few ales", as generations of students attempt to match the characters' prolific alcohol intake drink for drink.


But if the film's creator has its way, Withnail & I will never appear on the West End stage.


The Theatre About to Leave Port is the National Theatre of Scotland Bound For Aberdeen

Shetland FerryThe Shetland Islands ferry Hjaltland will be transformed into a stage today for the remotest launch of a National Theatre of Scotland production. Home is the theme of 10 different productions staged for 55 performances in 10 unusual venues throughout Scotland.


Scotland's National enters Home Run

Scotland's answer to the Royal National Theatre launches later this month. Inevitably being largely ignored by the London-based media, this is the formation of a major cultural institution, the endpoint of over a century of campaigning for the land that brings us not only Harry Potter, Sir Sean and Ewan McG, but the world's largest and most famous theatre festival, and its best new years party to boot. Yes The National Theatre of Scotland, after all the new fangled and exciting typography and dramaticallly lit launch receptions, is finally about to put itself out on display for all good cynics to laugh at and criticise. Perhaps pre-empting the attacks, the first prodution Home has done a few audience friendly things: firstly it's free, so no-one really can complain. Next it's actually 10 productions performed simultaneously, so even if the one you see isn't great you can rest assured that you missed the real masterpiece on the other side of Scotland. And finally the pieces are devised, so no matter what you think, you can't help but be grateful that someone is giving 10 talented directors the chance to create a new piece of theatre along the theme of Home somewhere in Scotland, including Alison Peebles,  star of such magazines as Netribution :).