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Ravensbourne Students Launch Post- Company

Edit SuiteRavensbourne College students have launched an online post-production business in a bid to kick start their careers. The new company, called Pretentious Post Production, will offer services in editing and sound design at an expenses-only basis, targeted on new producers working to tight budgets.

 “We hope to provide a good service that is also cost effective to those who have no money left in their budgets,” said the site project manager Dan Clegg.

The non-profit organisation has been launched by third year students on the post production and audio post courses, who want to build their portfolios working on the projects they attract.

Pretentious Post Production will have full access to the college’s edit suites and equipment , including a mix of Avid and Final Cut pro systems for offline and online editing, After FX and Combustion, Adobe Audition and DVD Studio Pro. There are sound recording booths and a Protools suite for audio post-production, as well.

Clegg explained, “As Third Years we are all on the verge of going into Soho to seek out our careers in the industry. We are all technically competent and extremely able to take any task on board,”

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