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Coalition for Artists and StakeHolders creates slick industry-free music service

cashmusiclogo You have to feel sorry for the music industry. No sooner have they begun to back down over DRM, then the new bandwagon arrives - industry-free music. It didn't start with Radiohead, but that certainly pulled the issue to the foreground. Anyone who has watched Thom and the boys jamming on (now on YouTube), with no slick lighting, no studio director, no make-up - basically no executives -  can't help but feel a tingle of excitement.

"The idea of relying on listeners, treating music as a cooperative, is humbling, yet interesting to me. This is a bit of a manifesto, I'm sorry, and now I'll shut up, but I wonder if we might be able to do this together."
 Kristen Hersh
Coalition for Artists and Stake Holders (CASH) have just launched CashMusic, a site for music lovers to download and pay musicians for the work they like. Musician Kristen Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE) is behindthe service which seems to still be in a pre-beta, but looks very promising from it's minimalist, subtle interface. As well as letting you name your price, and download DRM-free tracks, artists on the network can share the source files for their songs freely under a creative commons license so that other artists can remix their work. 

To anyone who's ever swum through the trench of shit of rying to get a record deal, this is very promising. As a Nirvana producer in one of the links on the front of the site illustrates, conventional music business economics is rarely any good for bands:

The Balance Sheet: This is how much each player got paid at the end of the game on sales of $3m

Record company: $ 710,000
Producer: $ 90,000
Manager: $ 51,000
Studio: $ 52,500
Previous label: $ 50,000
Agent: $ 7,500
Lawyer: $ 12,000
Band member net income each: $ 4,031.25



Let Channel 4 Radio know what you think of music today

Channel 4 Radio have created a survey to find out what listeners think of the state of music today. It is a one off chance to give your opinion to Channel 4 and a chance to nab some iRiver gadgets along the way. 

The survey will hopefully inform future programming ensuring we get more of what we want!


Gnarls Barkley Loons Large As Crazy is 1st UK No1 from iTunes Alone

Gnarls Barkley is Crazy“You are the best. You are the worst. You are average. Your love is a part of you. You try to give it away because you cannot bear its radiance, but you cannot separate it from yourself. To understand your fellow humans, you must understand why you give them your love. You must realize that hate is but a crime-ridden subdivision of love. You must reclaim what you never lost. You must take leave of your sanity, and yet be fully responsible for your actions.”
Gnarls Barkley,
in a letter to the rock critic Lester Bangs

Gnarls Barkley have become the first artist to make it No. 1 in the charts without a single record hitting the shops. Changes to the rules governing the way the British charts are compiled has allowed the week of web-only presales of Crazy to count towards the final chart position, and securing a number one slot. The most exciting thing to happen to music for quite a while, Gnarls Barkley is the exogetic combination of Gorillaz producer Dangermouse and soul singer Cee Lo who reportedly recorded the song in one take.