This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then.

Mapping Christmas

So much to write about, so little time! Part of the reason I'm not reviewing the year's moves in indie finance, rights, piracy or environmentally sustainable filmmaking is the time taken up with a new research project we've been working on exploring changes with cinema in the real flesh and blood world. More on this soon, hopefully, but meantime here is a seasonally appropriate example of one particularly interesting AV development - Mapping - via the ever excellent Create Digital Motion - TreeWaxHD from klipcollective:


lookandlisten return from summer break with Grafiti themed event

Leeds' (and the north of England's) premier AV pioneers looknlisten are heading Back to Cool (sorry) with a grafiti styled event for early September. 

First up is a return to their residency at the reform bar on 2nd september, featuring a massive range of graffiti influenced visuals, inspired by the recent rumba caracas graffiti jam. The night kicks off with a selection of classic films charting the history of graffiti and it’s various cultures and styles. Reflecting the strong links between graff and music, they will be breaking out some choice graff influenced music videos, including the awesome mark ronsons version of just (see below), with the dancing graffiti video.


On top of this, as if to prove they've not been idle all summer, visuals from dave lynch and 273 curse make use of footage shot during the doodle sessions in the green room at moorfest, and the full on piece work at the recent graffiti jam. all chopped up and reassembled to accompany dj airplays hip hop selection.



Lookandlisten AV Party - This Time It's War - March 3rd

 it's nearly the end of the month, which means it's nearly the first sunday of next month, and time for another lookandlisten, the leeds live av night

  this time out its war, with an evening of themed muzak and visuals loosely themed around war, or more likely how it’s a bit of a wrong do including's john lennon george bush mashioke Imagine This (cork film festival winner, below)



lookandlisten at Leeds with Jeff Mills, Buster Keaton and Sylvain Chomet

 three ages Legendary techno DJ Jeff Mills 2005 accompaniment of Buster Keaton's classic The Three Ages is one of the highlights offered by Leeds AV Group lookandlisten during the Leeds Film Festival. Other events include their residency at the Reform bar,  Sundaze Synerma's live remix of Sylvain Chomet's Belleville Rendezvous and Fire Shepherds, the fan-generated album of music videos from Ninja Tune's Loka.