This page is over 10 years old. Some things have changed since then. Announces New Hand Grip System™ for the HD Video Camera Market

Zacuto, a leading provider of high definition cameras and accessories is announcing its much anticipated ZGrip™ HD Camera Handgrips for all lightweight support rod systems.

The ZGrips are the last piece of the handheld system that Zacuto has been working on for the past year. Also releasing on the same day is Zacuto’s MicroMount™ for attaching articulating arms to any individual 15mm rod.

On December 10th 2006 Zacuto released it’s the new Zacuto ZOffset™ which allows you to shift the lightweight support rods 3 inches to the right and 2 inches up, thus allowing you to get your eye in the viewfinder of most palm cameras with viewfinders in the back and center, i.e. HVX200, HVR-Z1U. Just after Christmas 2006, Zacuto will release its HVX200 Studio case and foam insert. This will allow a complete studio camera package to be placed in the case as one piece without disassembling the camera package, including hard drive and 7” on-board monitor. All of these new products will make it so the user can carry his entire Zacuto HVX200 studio camera package in two cases and be able to setup in either hand held or tripod use in just 90 seconds. Visit our on-line store


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