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Filmmakers Offer a Piece of the Sports Action


Sports Brands Meet the MySpace Generation

Sporting Action That Grabs the MySpace GenerationSports action films of the snowboarding, skateboarding or BMX variety are often do-it-yourself affairs. Traditionally filmed, edited and distributed by those performing in them, they may even be funded by the protagonists' credit cards if no sponsor can be found. Now, though, the growing demand for companies to associate their brands with exciting sports that lie outside the mainstream is driving a more professional approach.


South Oxfordshire First UK Council to Launch Online Video


South Oxford Disrict Council logoSouth Oxfordshire District Council South Oxfordshire District Council has become the first local authority in the country to launch its own online video magazine.

South Oxfordshire Outburst consists of several short video clips, featuring news and views from the Council, as well as a section for residents to send in their own videos.


Charley the Cat is UK's No. 1 Public Info Film


Charley the Cat is the nation's information favouriteA scruffy ginger cat that warned millions of children about the dangers of strangers and matches has been voted the nation's favourite public information film. Dozens of memorable films created by the Government's Central Office of Information (COI) are being dusted off as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations.