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Favela on Blast

favela_on_blastPropelled forward with the raw exuberance of the music and characters within the dance music scene of Brazil's favelas, rarely is a documentary so sexy, foul-mouthed and downright fun.

Refreshingly void of narration or authorial presence, ‘Favela on Blast' drops you in at the deep end of Rio's ‘Funk Carioca' scene, relying only on personal accounts from the D.J's, M.C's and characters within it.  And tell their story they do, with the same relentless energy and bravado as their music, raw machismo is countered by even blunter female comebacks in hilarious tit for tat musical exchanges.  Music and image are combined confidently to create mini-crescendos followed by the breathing space reminiscent of the morning after.

Though the film might pack even more punch if condensed to around an hour, ultimately the overestimated playing time doesn't detract too heavily from this explosive experience.  Sit back, turn it up and don't even try and stop yourself bouncing in your seat.