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film by jeremy corner | november 24th 2000 | contact:

Tree Story

TREE STORY by Jeremy Corner
Live in the Meridian ITV region (Southern counties, Kent, Sussex, etc)? If so you might be interested to know that the short films made on this years Taped Up new talent initiative that screened Monday 13th November at Midnight on Meridian. Watch out for 'Tree Story' by Jeremy Corner, shot in South London with a crew found primarily through this list. For anyone interested in new talent from the South of the UK the Taped Up programs are a must see. The word is that this years crop are the best yet.
Films only exist when they are being watched. So, spread the word.
Taped Up is backed by Meridian TV, South East Arts, Southern Arts, Lighthouse, Arri Media and Kodak. Email:
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