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film by simon burrill | november 24 th 2000 | contact:

A Few Thoughts on Smoking

Simon Burrill explores the reasons behind his obsessive smoking habit in this short, well thought out film. Using a combination of techniques, including hand drawn sketches and animation, he successfully conveys the sense of helplessness associated with nicotine addiction.
Although this piece examines a rather dark element of humanity, it still manages to have a light and playful atmosphere to it, something that can be very difficult to illustrate. I particularly enjoyed the honesty and conviction with which he approached the project.
If you're a smoker, or even if you're not, A few thoughts on smoking is definitely worth a look.
This short film can be viewed online at shared/index_charts.cfm?filmtype=film&gotofilm=140

Running time: 55 seconds
Producer/Director : Simon Burrill
Copyright: Simon Burrill
Kit Used: Sony PC-1 mini DV camera / Adobe After Effects

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