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film by Simon Aitken | december 8th 2000 | contact:


Firepower by Simon Aitken
10 mins
B&W Super8
Tri-X Reversal Film 7278

At just under ten minutes long, Fire Power is a grainy, black and white Super 8 film which is as mysterious as it is well made. Filmed over three weekends in a warehouse, Fire Power is a tale of two men who partake in a deadly game of Russian Roulette.
David Hastings stars as the unlucky victim of Gangster Boss's (Andrew Lawden) maniacal game. Dragged into the warehouse, the victim is offered large sums of money to chance his life. As the stakes are raised, the tension mounts as more bullets enter the gun, and more money lands on the table with Lawden's methodical hardman remaining precise and cool throughout. The lack of dialogue is more than made up for by Aitken's stylised photography and direction.


You can watch Firepower right now at: /indierunnings/index.html

Contact Simon Aitken:

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