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film by drago lazetich | january 5th 2001 | contact:


Speedball the movie hits #1 top spot for is proud to announce the film speedball the movie, written,directed and produced by Drago Lazetich, as being noted the #1 top most requested trailer to watch, from over 1000 entries.
Speedball made the top ten list of the most sought after films in What is unique is that this independent project was the only movie named on the top 10 list which is in development. All the rest were either already on the big screen or completed.Speedball, the movie, has tremendous potential for distribution since paintball is a popular sport in more than 60 countries, and is being played by 6.4 million players in the united states alone. With characters being in their early-twenties, this project also capitalizes on the immense popularity of the current crop of young actors who are hot with today's audience.this feature film will enhance the paintball sport image and recognition to the audience worldwide.

Well-known actors Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa (upcoming Wesley Snipes' The Art of War, The Last Emperor, Mortal Kombat) and Taimak Guari (The Last Dragon) have been attached to the film. Taran Smith (Home
) has also recently joined the growing cast.
The Speedball Production team is currently constituted of young talented and recognized members such as Director of Photography: Sean Peacock (Sony's Twin Falls Idaho, and HBO's Public Enemies) Production Manager: Mykel Denis (Close Call, Time Out) Senior Editor: Etienne-Pascal des Lauriers (Fargo, Mortal Kombat, Soldier, NYPD Blue), Music Composer: Chad Skopp, Corporate and Entertainment Attorney: Todd Cleary, Esq., Producer and Business Affairs: Laurence Benhamou, and our devoted Writer/Director/"Kick-ass" Paintball player: Drago Lazetich

Speedball LLC presently has a strong, detailed business plan for investors looking into investing in the film. As a marketed featured film, Speedball has been presented with national and international recognition in major publications and including the Los Angeles Times.
For further information and questions, please check out their website at
or inquiries at

Speedball, LLC 3005 Main Street Suite 410 Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone(310) 452-6377 Fax(310) 559-0345
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