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film by name | June 15th, 2001 | contact:

Frida Kahlo's Corset by Liz Crow

Frida Kahlo’s Corset is a short experimental drama that follows a journey of transformation by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) who wore a series of orthopaedic corsets because of impairment. The film draws on Kahlo’s own words and characteristically bold painting style. It refutes the picture of Kahlo’s life as one of tragedy and suffering.

"Through beauty of mise en scene and a complete grasp of the cinematic medium, Frida Kahlo’s Corset encapsulates the feminist philosophy and connection women have with the art and ambiguity of Frida Kahlo." (Dr Paul Darke, film critic)


Frida Kahlo’s Corset is a dual-language film (Spanish and English) and is available, on request, with sub-titles.

Screenings to date inclue Brief Encounters Short Film Festival, British Federation of Film Societies, Transitions, Strength to Strength, Disability Film Festivals (Stratford-upon-Avon; London) and on HTV.

Picture This Short Film Award 2000 10’

16mm film transferred to Beta

Director Liz Crow

Director of Photography Carol Stevens

Art Director Melanie Leeson

Editor Andy Moss

Screenwriters Liz Crow & Ralph Hoyte

Music Caravanserai & Hetty Hope

Main Cast: Isolte Avila

Laura Jerram

Carmen Brauning (voice of Frida Kahlo)

Production Management Infinite Blue Productions in partnership with Picture This Moving Image

Funded by Bridging the Gap, HTV West, South West Arts and Transitions.

For festival submissions or to hire contact Picture This Moving Image

T: (0117) 925 7010

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