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film by leigh bloomfield | january 26th 2001 | contact:


Sethian is a compelling animation set in 6th Dynasty Egypt. An emotive tale, the animation follows the life of Sethian and his desire to take the throne of the Egyptian Empire through his use of magic and evil. Sethian is massacred by his family who are under pressure from their countrymen. He vows to take vengeance and seeks his revenge as huge serpent.

Jealously, suspicion and intrigue under pin this dark animation.

Sethian took 12 months to create using 3D Studio Max, using a combination of CGI and stop animation, the creator took inspiration from the film Jason and the Argonauts.

Cast: Jerome Pratt, Peter Hearn, Rachael Cartwright

The animation is currently showcased on the BT talent platform. Click here to go direct to the animation… index_charts.cfm?filmtype=film&gotofilm=213

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