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film by roger knott-fayle | november 24th 2000 | contact:

Doggy Bag

It took 2 days to shoot and involved a bizarre and unusual cast of performers.
These included:
1 copulating couple
1 weeping woman
1 pregnant woman
2 female wrestlers
1 male stripper
to name but a few. The principle actors were Dena Smiles (Spider woman) Tony Claasen (Thin Nervous Man), and Mathew Risdon (The Steward). Their performances were superb. The film was made possible by the fantastic organisational skills and energy of Wellington Films (Rachel Robey & Al Clarke) and Amanda Mundin. Without whom I would not have got it together. I thank them so much. Transport was provided by Confetti Studios, and Craig Chettle will be composing the
soundtrack. The equipment came from Panavision, and Confetti and the Neg. was processed at C.F.S. I am now trying to arrange the transfer to Video for an edit at Confetti. The whole thing will end up costing about £1500; which is only possible because so many have given so much for free. I hope it's going to be finished in early Jan and then I will tout it around looking for an audience and to recoup some of the expense.
If you think you know of an organisation or person who would be interested in this project please forward this to them. In the meantime Big Love
Roger Knott-Fayle
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