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film by jesse davey | november 24th 2000 | contact:

Making an Omelette

Making an Omelette by Jesse Davey
Directed by Jesse Davey, Making an Omelette is a tense foray into the underworld, and makes you wonder how much of your nail you can actually chew in 4.43 minutes. Making an Omelette is a gangster flick with a difference, a hackneyed story with a spin. The film presents some slick technical trickery which belies it’s budget, the film was made for less than £60 and represents it’s director’s first dip into film-making. Making an Omelette was the winner of the ‘Opening Scene competition in May’ and can be viewed online at index_charts.cfm?filmtype=film&gotofilm=88

Running Time: 4.43
Language: Cockney/English
Production/Direction: Jesse Davey
Copyright: Jesse Davey
Official Screenings
Kit Used: Cannon DV/Adobe Premiere

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