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film by the blaine bros | november 24th 2000 | contact:

Russell Square

Staring: Keith Malin and Jo Harper.
Mini DV

Russell Square is a fantastic modern fable about the London Underground. Shot in two weekends for less than a grand it is the story of Russell who hates travelling on the tube.
This hatred seems well founded when a tourist accidentally pushes him in front of a speeding train. However instead of dying Russell finds he has fallen into a weird nowhere known as the gap and the tourist turns out to be an Angel called Islington who can travel anywhere she wishes on the underground in the blinking of an eye and proceeds to take him on a tube journey that will change his life forever...
This short shot on miniDV is bursting at the seams with personality, charm and fantastic performances from Keith and Jo. It has been picked up by the British Council and selected for nomination by BAFTA for the best short film award.
Unfortunately though since it was shot on DV and all selected films must be screened on film for the nomination process, Charlie Productions are currently desperately searching for £4,000 in order to transfer the digital material onto 35mm. If they cannot find this money within the next week or so Russell will probably reach the end of the line and be barred from being seen by the panel of judges.

Russell is also available to watch online at or on VHS if you ask us.

For more information either visit the website or email:

Charlie Productions' next short is about an embarrassing dinner guest and is called "Burnt Bernard"...
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