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film by trevor harrison phipps | december 8th 2001 | contact:


By Trevor Harrison-Phipps
Solitude is based on former hostage Brian Keenan’s book ‘An evil Cradling’.
The film using live action and 3d-computer animation follows a hostage’s experiences of ‘Solitude’. The film is shot in the POV of the hostage to give the audience a real sense of solitude. The hostage starts off in a reflective mood as he describes his environment. He then explains that he trawled the depths of his imagination to the brink of madness. The memory of his fascination of caterpillars and the sight of an insect caught in a spiders web helps him find a way to rediscover the will and hope to survive. This gives him the ability to look forward to being freed to live again.

Its been shown in London and Belfast. In Belfast it was voted Best Film a the Belfast Independent Filmmakers Festival November 2000.
Solitude is live online at: /bluejuice/index.html

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