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film by thomas viner | november 24th 2000 | contact:

The Rat Trap

(10mins, 35mm)
The Rat Trap is a darkly comic retelling of the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, starring Emilia Fox (Bright Hair, Shooting The Past, Randall and Hopkirk Deceased) and Mark Little (Neighbours, The Big Breakfast). Set in the stunning countryside of Derbyshire's Peak District, it is the story of a village riven by sexual tensions, brought to the surface when a beautiful young woman comes to deal with their rat problems.
The Rat Trap is screening with Small Time Crooks at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley in December and at the David Lean Cinema in Croydon in January. It can also be seen on the Atom Films website.
For more information, about the Rat Trap, or short and feature projects in development, contact Thomas Viner, Rubyred Films, 34a Kennington Lane, London SE11 4LS, or
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