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film by pirya gohil | october 20th 2000 | contact:

Lawnmower Version 1.4 Tutorial

Lawnmower Version 1.4, Tutorial. It is a video tutorial teaching the computer literate how to do something basic, in this case mowing the lawn using an early version lawnmower, an upgrade from the scythe. It is therefore like a Dummy's Guide (those computer software book tutorials for the computer literate) in reverse.
I am the writer, director, producer and auteur. I shot the film on DV and brought the project in on budget for £1.35, since the grocer I bought the cheese from was suffering from number dyslexia, charging me in consequence less than the RRP of £1.53. The lead, Hector Nobike, is a little-known actor, but he doesn't hope for much, either.
A website will broadcast Lawnmower Version 1.4 in the very near future. Please contact me at if you would like to cop a load. Otherwise Lawnmower is seeking festivals to show at.
Any interest in future projects (two shorts in the pipeline), commissions and that, please contact me also at the above e-mail address,
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