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film by garry fabbri | october 13th 2000 | contact:

Do It... Now!

An engaging thriller set in the depth of East London where two east-end yobs meet their match in a middle age sociopath.
This new short film, written and directed by Gary Fabbri, is a hard hitting drama that stabs the heart and punches you square between the eyes. A gritty, pulsating film Do It... Now! begins with the discovery of two bodies in an East End wasteland which ignites the memory of John Stewart (Stuart Jones). He and his wife (Natasha Radic) were once attacked by two yobs. The violence portrayed is unlike anything you have ever seen it creates an atmosphere that sets the pulse racing and the throat gasping for air.Running time: 12.10 minutes, with titles
Language: English
Production company: Shed9 (
Copyright by: Shed9
Official screenings: Raindance festival
London, 18th Oct 2000

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