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film by warren spencer | october 13th 2000 | contact:

The Basketball Killer

'THE BASKETBALL KILLER' is being shown at RAINDANCE this year. It's my first film and it'll be shown on WEDNESDAY 18TH OCTOBER at 12.30 p.m. at the Metro Cinema, 19 Rupert Street W1.
Anyone that wants to do something productive for lunch should head down for it, especially if you work in Soho. It's a half-hour film, shot on 16mm which I wrote, produced, directed, co-edited, co-scored and a couple of other things. Plus I spent my own bucks making it. Never again but I think it was worth it. Anyway, if anyone wants to see it, it's best described as a comedy/action/thriller that's a bit of a piss-take of the cop thrillers of the 70's - the main character sees himself as a bit of a Dirty Harry type cop although it's set in London. A 70's influenced/hip-hop score, very tongue-in cheek, here's a full synopsis:

'After a mysterious murder in the backstreets of London, a police officer must spring into action to bring the killer to justice. There's only one problem - the officer in question is one JACK NIRO, a legend in his own mind, enemy of procedure and burden to all things orthodox, but can he be the one to solve the mystery? Using his wiles and connections he has to go out on a limb against the wishes of his long-suffering boss, co-workers and anyone else who knows the name, the reputation, the desperation of JACK NIRO. Is there a connection? Will Niro find it? Or will the excitement get too much for him?'


I would be interested especially in any company or individual that may be interested in seeing this film with a view to funding/sponsorship of my next film or future projects, which include music production and writing. If you like this film, you might appreciate what I can do with some backing. If you are, or if you know of anyone who this applies to, or could help me in this direction, please let me know.

Contact Metro Cinema (venue) for tickets on 0207 734 1506.

Warren Spencer
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