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Links to one thousand film funds in 46 countries

In Europe last year there was €1.5bn in public funding for film & video projects - and its often the same people getting their hands on this cash.

Information on media finance in 46 countries

how to fund your film

One of the most popular parts of Netribution in 2000 was our film funding directory, updated over the years by a number of folks.

While there are some good free sites detailing funding sources like FilmFileEurope and Korda, these only cover Europe.

Since publishing our 480 page book on the subject of film finance we've been able to research and detail as many film funds around the world as we could find. And in line with our aim to help democratise the film industry, regardless of who you are or where you're from, here are some links and basic info (name of the fund award and size, where known) to the 1,000 or so awards from 400 organisations we found for the book.

It's the biggest collection of funding links I know of, and it's down to the painstaking work of a bunch of people, including Catherine Allen, who I worked with on this edition, and Caroline Hancock, Cyndee Barlass, Rachel Bibb and Stephen Salter in previous versions.

Keep in mind that this info was researched over a year ago, so much may have changed. If you want to get much fuller info on each fund, not to mention details of tax breaks and incentives for filmmakers in about 40 countries and a comprehensive guide to structuring multi-party finance, low budget techniques and tricks, using the web as a virtual film studio and navigating the industry, with dozens of interviews and case studies, then please buy a copy of our book. It will also help support us to keep this info up to date in the future.

Likewise if you're not a commercial organisation and want to republish some of this elsewhere, please credit this site and the book. Otherwise please ask first. 

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Australian Film Institute
Australian Children's Television Foundation (ACTF) : Independent Project Investment Program (up to $ AUD 125,000),
Australian Film Commission : New Screenwriters Program (up to AU $ 10,000), Draft Drama Funding (up to AU $ 20,000), Draft Drama Funding: Short Features or Short TV Series (Up to AU $10,000), Seed Feature Funding (Up to AU $50,000), Matched Investment Funding (up to AU $ 50,000), Draft Funding (Up to AU $30,000), Writer Fellowships (up to AU $50,000), IndiVision Project Lab & Script Development (up to AU $ 22,000), IndiVision Single-draft Script Development (up to AU $ 22,000), Short Features, Short TV Drama Series, & Animation Production (up to AU $ 400,000), Shorts Production (Up to AU $120,000), IndiVision Low-budget Feature Production (Up to AU $1 million), Documentary Development (up to AU $25,000), Documentary Production (up to AU $100,000), Short Animation (Up to AU $80,000), Pilot/Trailer Production (Up to AU $30,000), Animation Series Production (Up to AU $150,000), Interactive Digital Media Matched Investment Development Funding (Up to AU $50,000), Experimental Digital Production (Up to AU $20,000), General Development Investment (Up to AU $70,000), Short-term Development Investment Facility (Up to AU $30,000), Production Cashflow Facility (Up to AU $300,000),
Film Australia Limited : Hothouse Scheme for Documentary and Factual Producers (Up to AU $100,000 a year),
Film Finance Corporation Australia Ltd (FFC) : Feature Films (up to AU $5 Million), Adult Television Drama (up to AU $4 million ), Children's Television Drama _ _ (up to AU $1,5Million), Documentaries (up to AU $600,000), Co-Productions,
Film Victoria : New Feature Writers (AU $13,000), Feature Film Script Development (between AU $15,000 - $25,000), Television Drama Script Development (up to AU $50,000), Documentary Development (up to AU $20,000), Professional Development Program (up to AU $5,000), International Travel Fund (up to AU $9,000), Mentorships _, Producer Packages (up to AU $50,000), Digital Media, Production Investment, Industry & Audience Development (up to AU $20,000), Incentives: Production Investment Attraction Fund (PIAF)_, Regional Victoria Film Location Assistance Fund (RLAF),
New South Wales Film and TV Office : Aurora Script Workshop , Development Assistance , Young Filmmakers Fund ($30,000), Loan Facilities, Production Investment , Industry and audience development, Regional Finance Fund (up to AU$50,000 or 50%), Film & TV Industry Attraction Fund,
Northern Territory Film Office : Screen Grants (up to AU $15,000),
Pacific Film and Television Commission : The writer stuff Short Film Development Scheme, JUMPSTART Short Film Fund__ (up to AU $30,000), Short Film Fund, Indigenous Filmmakers' Fund - Short Black, Project Development Scheme, Digital Fund, PREMIERE Script Development Scheme, New Media Fund, Documentary Production Fund_, Production Fund, Interstate Marketing Scheme, International Marketing Scheme (up to AU $5,600 ), Revolving Film Finance Fund, Business Development Scheme (up to AU $100,000 ), Industry Sponsorship,
ScreenACT : Development Funding,
ScreenWest : General Development Investment Funding (Docs & TV)_ (up to AU $50,000), Production Funding (up to AU $600,000), Screen Culture,
South Australian Film Corporation : Script and Project Development Funding (from AU $4,000 -$12,000), Producer Business Development, Business Travel (Traditional & Digital Media), Digital Media Project Development, Production Investment (AU $200,000), SAFC Short Film Fund (AU $50,000), Educational Content Fund (Traditional & Digital Media)_ (up to AU $100,000), Digital Media Production Investment , Revolving Loan Fund, Practitioner Development Funding (Traditional & Digital Media), Attachment Scheme, Digital Media Attachment Scheme, Festival and Awards Grants (Traditional & Digital Media) (up to $2,000 towards airfare/travel costs and $100 per day for per diems, for a maximum of 5 days), Industry Development Events and Activities (Tarditional & Digital Media) __, Screen Culture Organisational Funding (Traditional & Digital Media) , SAFC/SBSi Documentary Series & Cross Media Opportunity ($600,000 plus office facilities.), The Script Factory, Rocket Science,, Digital Animation Initiative (up to AU $450,000), Post Production Initiative - Drama (up to AU $70,000), Post Production Initiative - Doco (up to AU $30,000), Payroll tax exemption, Employment rebate,
Ausfilm International
Melbourne Film Office


Cine Styria Film Fund : Arthouse support, Production support for commercial films,
Cine Tirol Film Fund : Production Support,
City of Salzburg - Culture Department : Scriptwriting Award (€ 50,000),
Federal Chancellory film and media department : Production support (up to €100,000), Scriptwriting support (up to €5,000), Development support (up to €10,000), Distribution (up to €20,000),
Fernsehfonds Austria (RTR-GmbH) : Television Fund (Fernsehfonds Austria)_ __ (up to €700,000), Digitisation Fund,
Filmfonds Wien : Project Development Subsidy, Support for Production (up to €400,000), Joint Productions and Additional Terms Regarding Productions Subsidies, Television Productions and Additional Terms Regarding Production Subsidies (up to €250,000), Distribution Subsidy, Success Based Funding,
Land Carinthia Film Fund : Support for film, photography and digital media,
Land Salzburg Film Fund : Support for cultural films (€ 10,000),
Österreichisches Filminstitut : Support for Script Development (up to €15,000), Support for Project Development (up to €36,000), Support for Production (€ 440,000), Automatic Support for Production based on a 'reference' film, Support for Co-production - Co-financing, Support for Distribution (up to € 40,000), Support for Professional Training,


Bali Film Commission


European Co-ordination of Film Festivals
Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel : Production Support (up to €450,000), Finance for production companies,
Flemish Audiovisual Fund : Support for production , Support for promotion (up to €25,000 and 50%), Support for development (up to 50%), Support for scriptwriting (up to €12,500),
Wallimage : Finance for Audiovisual Works (up to €500,000),
Antwerp City Film Office
Wallonie Bruxelles Images


Cinema Brazil : Assistance to movie production in Brazil__,
Minas Film Commission


Bulgarian National Film Centre : Production support,


Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) : Film and Video Project Grant,
British Columbia Film : Project Development Fund, Slate Development Fund (up to CA $150,000),
Canada Council for the Arts : Grants to Film and Video Artists (up to CA $60,000), Grants to New Media and Audio Artists - Research and Production Grants_ (up to CA $60,000), Assistance to Media Arts Production Organizations (up to CA $100,000), Grants to Media Arts Production Organizations: Development Project Grants (up to CA $20,000),
Canadian Film Centre : TELUS Innovation Fund_ (up to CA $100,000),
Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund : Film and Video Fund (up to CA $50,000),
Manitoba Film and Sound Development Corporation (MSFDC) : Market Driven Television Production Financing_Market Driven Feature Film Production Financing,
National Film Board of Canada : French Program, English Program, Co-production with the NFC, Distribution Funding, Aboriginal Filmmaking Program_, Animacadie 2006, Anime ton univers francophone 2007 (C$ 5000), Cinéaste recherché(e) , Citizen Shift, Cross-Media Challenge (a $10,000 co-production development offer), Doc Shop, Equity Training Program, First Stories , Homeless Nation, Hothouse, Inspired, Momentum, Arts Council Mentorship Program, Reel Diversity,
New Brunswick Film : New Brunswick Film Tax Credit,
Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation : Equity investment (20% up to CA $250,000), Development Fund (CA $15,000 to $35,000),
Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation : Development Loan (up to CA $15,000), Equity Investment (up to CA $1,000,000),
Ontario Media Development Corporation : OMDC Export Fund, Domestic Markets and Events,
Sask Film : Development Loan Program (up to CA $15,000), Documentary Program (up to CA $40,000), MAX Equity Investment Program (up to CA $75,000), Filmmakers Program (up to CA $15,000),
Societe de Development des Enterprises Culturelles : Screenwriting Support Program (up to CA $20,000), Support for Production Companies (up to CA $50,000), Selective Support for Independent Production Companies (up to CA $20,000), Corporate Support for Feature Film Production Companies (up to CA $125,000), Production Support Program (up to CA $2,000,000),
Telefilm Canada : Writer’s First (up to CA $ 28,372), Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Program_ (up to CA $1,000,000), The Versioning Assistance Program_ (up to CA $48,000), Canada Showcase_ _ _ (up to CA $500,000 (or above)), International Festival Participation Pilot Initiative (up to CA $100,000 per year), International Sales Promotion Pilot Initiative (French-language Feature Films) (up to CA $100,000 per fiscal year.), Alternative Distribution Networks Program (up to CA $50,000), Production Financing for Producers (for English-Language Films) (up to CA $4 million and 49%), Production Financing for Producers (for French-language Films) (up to CA $3.5 million and 49%), Development Financing for Producers (up to CA $300,000), Marketing Financing for Distributors, Broadcaster Performance Envelope Stream , Special Initiatives Stream , Canada New Media Fund _ (up to CA $550,000), Theatrical Documentary Pilot Program_ (CA $625,000),
Yukon Film and Sound Commission : The Yukon Filmmakers Fund_ (up to CA $5,000), Yukon Film Training Initiative, Yukon Film Development Fund_ (up to CA $35,000 ), Yukon Film Production Fund_ (up to CA $500,000),
Alberta Film
Calgary Film Commission
Columbia Shuswap Film Commission
Hamilton Film Office
Northern British Columbia Film Commission
Okanagan Film Commission
Toronto Film & Television Office


City of Zagreb : Gradski proracun Grada Zagreba (up to €68,000 ),
Ministry of Culture : Production support (up to €540,000 and 80%),

Czech Republic 

Czech Film Centre
Audiovisual Producers' Association
State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography : Support and development of Czech cinematography,


Danish Film Institute : Shorts and documentaries: Consultant scheme, Support for Script Writing for Feature Films, Feature film: 60/40 scheme_ (Up to 60% of budget), Development Subsidies for Feature Films, Production Subsidies, New Danish Screen, Coproduction subsidies, Feature Film: Consultant Scheme,
West Denmark Film Pool : West Danish Film Pool (Up to €269,000),


Estonian Film Foundation : Support for scriptwriting (up to €3200 ), Support for development (up to €31948 ), Support for production (up to €380,000), Support based on box office results, Support for participation in festivals, Support for film-related activities,

Pan European 

Culture 2007 : Multi-annual cooperation projects (Up to €500,000 a year and 50% of budget), Cooperation measures (€50,000 to €200,000, up to 50% of costs),
EC Development Directorate Culture Section : Screenplay Development Fund (€ 7,600), Production support (Max €400,000 ),
Eurimages : Co-production support (up to €700,000), Distribution support (up to €8000), Exhibition Support,
Europa Cinemas : Support for initiatives by cinemas aimed at Young Audiences (between €15,000 and €50,000 ), Support for the programming of European films in cinemas (between €15,000 and €50,000 ), Support for digital projection of European films in theatres, Distribution, Programming and Promotion of European films in third countries,
Hubert Bals Fund : Script and project development (up to €10,000), Post-production funding or final financing (up to €30,000), Distribution support (up to €15,000), Training support (up to €20,000), Hubert Bals Fund Plus (up to €50,000), Digital production (up to €10,000),
Media 2007 : Support for the development of single projects (up to €80,000 or 60%), Funding in the field of vocational training, Support for the development of a slate of projects (up to €150,000), Selective support for the transnational distribution of European films (up to €150,000 and 50%), Support for the transnational distribution of European films (sales agents) (up to €25,000), MEDIA Promotion, European Film Promotion (EFP), European Coordination of Film Festivals (ECFF) (€ 250,000), Support for the networking of cinemas screening European films, Promotion of Pilot Projects, Automatic distribution support, i2i Audiovisual (€5,000 to €50,000), Support for television broadcasting (up to €500,000 and 20%),


Fiji Audio Visual Commission


Centre for the Promotion of Audiovisual Culture in Finland : Support for production of documentary films, Support for production of short films and animation, Support for production of multimedia and media art,
Finnish Film Foundation, Suomen Elokuvasäätiö : Script support (up to €8,500), Development support (up to €100,000), Advance support for production (around €500,000), Marketing and distribution support (up to €70,000), Post-release support for production (up to €700,000),
Northern Film and Media Centre : Script development scheme (up to €10,000 ), The scheme for short films (up to €50,000), The scheme for documentaries (from €500 to €30,000), The scheme for mobile games (narrative) and interactive TV (up to €50,000), Production fund for feature films and documentaries (up to €150,000),


Action régionale pour la création artistique et la diffusion en Ile-de-France (ARCADI) : Support for the Production of Medium-Length Films (up to €45 735 ), Support for Post Production (celluloid), Support for Post-production (digital),
Africa Cinemas : Distribution support, Exhibition support,
Agence culturelle d'Alsace : Investment 'in kind', Aid for First Films (€ 7,650), Support for innovative projects (€ 4,573),
Agence intergouvernementale de la Francophonie : Award for production for films from the Southern Hemisphere, Award for the promotion of French language films from the Southern Hemisphere (Up to €80,000),
Agence pour le développement régional du cinéma : Support for the Production of Additional Prints, Support for classic films, Support for renovation (up to €1800),
Aquitaine Image Cinéma : Support for development and production (up to €100,000), Scriptwriting grant (short films) (€ 2,000),
Atelier de Production Centre Val de Loire : Support for the production of short films (up to €45,000), Support for TV production (up to €20,000), Support for Media Production (up to €150,000), Support for Feature films (Up to €200,000), Company developmnt (Up to €15,000),
Centre national de la cinématographie (CNC) : Automatic support for the production of feature films (up to €300,000), Automatic Support for Distribution, Automatic Support for Exhibition, Scriptwriting Support, Automatic and Selective support for Scriptwriting and Project Development (up to €76,300), Development Support for TV productions , Support for Development of Feature Films, Production and Distribution support for short films, Support for Production of Foreign-Language Films, Support for French- Canadian Co-productions, Selective Support for the Distribution of Films for Young Audiences, Support for Pilots , Selective Support for the Distribution of foreign films from with less known cinematographic traditions (up to €30 487 ), Selective Support for Exhibitors for the Modernisation and Construction of Cinemas in Rural Areas, Support for Cinemas within the 'Art and Experimental Cinema' Network and for Independent Cinemas, Automatic Production Support, Selective Support for the development of Animations, Automatic or Selective Support for documentaries (up to €7 623 ), Support for Investment by Film and Television Industry Facilities Companies, Support for Research and Development, Support for Multimedia Publishing (up to €76 225 ), Support for Experimental Production, Automatic Support for Publication of Videocassettes for Private Use, Support for the Promotion of Audiovisual Programmes, Scriptwriting and Development Support for Documentaries (€7000 or €15.000), Development Support for French-Canadian documentaries, Selective Production Support , Support Music for Documentaries, Support for Videoclips (€ 12.00), Support for new Production Technologies , Support for Foreign Distribution, Tax Incentives, Support for Cinema Productions, Support for Video Editing, Support for Multimedia and New Technologies, Fonds Sud, Support for English Subtitling,
Centre régional de ressources audiovisuelles de la région Nord-Pas de Calais : Support for Script Writing and Development (Up to €25,000), Support for Shorts (up to €35,000), Support for Production (Up to €450,000), Support for documentary (Up to €25,000),
Collectivité teritoriale de la Corse : Support for short or medium length films and documentary (up to €80,000), Support for script writing (up to €6000), Support for project development (up to €15,000), Support for the production of feature films, telefilms and TV series (up to €100,000), Support for mulitmedia and video art (up to €50 000 ), Production support for cinema releases (up to €150,000), Support for first works (up to €50 000),
Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg : Production Support (up to €100 000 ), Distribution Support,
Conseil général de l'Eure : Short film script competition: "l'Eure: terre de cinéma",
Conseil général de l'Isère : Competition for film scripts,
Conseil général de la Charente : Scriptwriting and project development (Up to €4,000), Production support (up to €150,000 ), Digital media (Up to €150,000),
Conseil général de la Corrèze : Production Support ,
Conseil général de la Sarthe : Support for the Production of Short Films,
Conseil général de Loire-Atlantique : Support for the Production of Short Films by Young People,
Conseil général de Seine-Saint-Denis : Production support,
Conseil général des Bouches-du-Rhône : Production Support for Short Films,
Conseil général des Côtes d'Armor : Scriptwriting support (up to €3,000), Production support (UP to €12,000),
Conseil général du Finistère : Support for short film production (Up to 10% or €8,000),
Conseil général du Lot : Competition for short film and creative documentary scripts (up to €7,600 ),
Conseil général du Val-de-Marne : Production support,
Conseil régional d'Alsace : Support for Script Writing and Development of Audiovisual Projects (ranging from €1,500 to €7, 600), Support for Audiovisual Production (except long films) (up to €75,000 ), Support of audiovisual distribution (up to €7,000),
Conseil régional d'Aquitaine : Production support for regional companies (up to €100,000), Scriptwriting Support (up to €8,000 ), Development Support (up to €15,000),
Conseil régional de Basse-Normandie : Support for Festivals, Support for Cinemas, “High-school pupils to the cinema”,
Conseil régional de Franche-Comté : Support for Short film production and documentaries (up to €20,000), Scriptwriting support for feature and TV films (up to €7,600), Support for the modernization of cinemas (up to €76.200 ), Production support for TV documentaries (up to €40,000), Production support of TV fiction programs and TV animation series (up to €100,000 ),
Conseil régional de la Bretagne : Support for Cinemas (up to €135 000 ), Support for festivals , Production Support (up to €76,000), Scriptwriting and Development Support,
Conseil régional de la Picardie : Support for Script Support for Writing and Development (up to €8,000 (4,000 for documentaries and short films)), Production support for short films and documentaries (up to €25 000 ), Production Support for feature films (up to €150 000 ), Production support for television programmes (up to €20 000 ),
Conseil régional de Lorraine : Production support for fiction film, Support for scriptwriting (up to €2000), Support for creative documentaries,
Conseil régional de Poitou-Charentes : Presence of the regional companies in the great festivals , Support for the Production of Pilots (up to €8 000 ), Production support for short films (up to €30,000), Support for video games (up to €150,000), Production support for multimedia projects (up to €30,000), Production support for television programmes (up to €150,000), Production support for feature length fiction film (up to €300,000),
Conseil régional de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur : Support for the Production of Short Fiction Films (up to €25,000), Support for Scriptwriting and Project Development (up to €5500), Research Grant (up to €15,000), Support for Scriptwriting and Project Development (up to €5000), Production support (Up to €152,000),
Conseil régional des Pays de la Loire : Support for production (up to €130,000), Support for project development (up to €7,500 ),
Conseil régional du Limousin : Production Support (up to €80,000), Support for script writing and development (up to €70,000), Short film support (up to €10,000), Support for the modernisation of cinemas,
Conseil régional Midi-Pyrénées : Support for Script Writing and/or Development, Support for transfers to film, Production Support,
Conseil régional Rhône-Alpes : Support for cinema and audiovisual creation (up to €30,000), Support for the writing of (up to €3000),
Ministère des Affaires étrangères : Fonds Images Afrique (maximum grant for production: €120 000; for completion: €60 000; for transfer to film: €30 000_), Commercial distribution, Non-commercial distribution, Festival Award (€ 15,000), Distribution Support Funding (up to €30,500), African film library, Support fund for the production of short films in sub-saharan Africa (€ 15,000), Production of fictional series in sub-saharan Africa, Fonds Sud Cinema (up to €152,500),
Office régional culturel de Champagne-Ardenne : Production Support (shorts and documentaries) (up to €21,500),
Pôle Image Haute Normandie : Production Support (up to €120,000), Support for innovative and experimental projects (up to €3000 per project), Support for regional production companies (up to €9,000), Support for young talents from the region_ (up to €11,500),
Région Ile-de-France : Support scheme for local film and audiovisual industry,
Région Réunion : Support for Scriptwriting and development (up to €8,000 ), Production support (up to €152,000), Multimedia Productions (up to €15,000),
Rhône-Alpes Cinéma : Equity Investments in the Production of Feature Films, Support for Script Writing and Development of Feature Films,
Alsace Cultural Agency
Commission National du Film


Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg : Production Support for Documentaries,
Film & Entertainment VIP Medienfonds GmbH
Bavarian Film & Television Fund : Story and Project Development Funding_ (up to €30,000), Project development (up to €100,000), Production Funding for Motion Pictures and Television Films_ (up to €1,6 million), Distribution and Foreign Sales Funding_ (up to €205,000), Investment Funding for Film Technology Enterprises_ (up to €150,000), Film Projection and Presentation_ (up to €1.6m),
Beauftragter der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien : German Film Award (up to €400,000), German Short Film Award (up to €30,000), Support for Distribution and Distribution Prize (up to €50,000), Film Innovation, Distribution Prize (up to €75,000), German Script Award (up to €30,000), Production support (€ 250,000), Production support (short films) (€ 15,000), Scriptwriting Support, Project Development and Production Support for Children and Youth Films (up to €250,000), Cinema Support (up to €20,000), Production Support for TV productions (up to €30,000 (in exceptional cases €50,000)), Support for copies ,
FilmFernsehFonds Bayern : Support for Project Development (up to €100,000 ), Production Funding for Motion Pictures and Television Films_ (up to €1.6 Million), Distribution and Foreign Sales Funding_ (up to €205,000 ), Investment Funding for Film Technology Enterprises_ (up to €50,000 per annum), Support for the Production of First Films, Support for Distribution and Sales, Film Projection and Presentation_ (up to €1.6m),
Filmförderung Hamburg GmbH : Incentive Funding (up to €160,000), Support for Script Writing (up to €50,000), Production Support, Support for Television Production, Support for Project Development (up to €110,000), Support for Distribution and Sales (up to €200,000), Support for Screenings and Film Presentation (up to €50,000),
Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen GmbH : Support for Project Development and Pre-production (up to €40,000), Support for Film Exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia (up to €100,000), Support for the Production of Feature Films and TV Projects (up to €750,000 ), Support for Post-production (up to €7,500 ), Support for Distribution and Sales,
German Federal Film Board (Filmförderungsanstalt ) : Support for the Production of Short Films, Automatic Support for Distribution, Selective Distribution funding (up to €600,000), Automatic Support for Exhibition, Selective Support for Exhibition (Cinema) (up to €200,000 ), Support for the Production of Additional Prints, Support for Video Distributors (loans range between €150,000 and €600,000), Support for National and International Promotion and Marketing, Marketing support, Automatic production funding for Feature Films (up to €1m), Support for Script Writing (up to €50,000), Video funding (up to €100,000), Selective production funding for feature films (up to €1m),
Hessische Filmförderung : Hessen Film Award (€ 75,000), Hessen Cinema Prize and Film Prize (between €7,500 and €75,000 ), Hessen Art-film Prize (up to €20,000), Hessen University Film Prize (€ 7,500), Hessen script prize (€ 7,500), Production and Post-production support (up to €75,000), Scriptwriting support (up to €15,000), Exhibition support (up to €15,000), Project Development Support,
Kulturelle Filmförderung Bremen : Support for script writing, Support for Project Development and Pre-production (both grants are up to €6,000), Support for production (up to €30,000), Documentary film Award, Art-Video Award, Diploma Film Funding (between €500 and €6,000),
Kulturelle Filmförderung Sachsen : Scriptwriting, Pre-production and Production funding, Support for subtitle development for international exhibition,
Kulturelle Filmförderung Sachsen-Anhalt : Support for Pre-production (Script), Support for Production, Support for Exhibition and Cinemas,
Kulturelle Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein e.V : Support for Project Development (€ 5,000), Support for Production (up to €50,000), Support for Distribution, Licensing and Exhibition (up to €7,500),
Kulturelle Filmförderung Thüringen : Support for Scriptwriting and Production,
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Film E.V : Support for Production (up to €250,000), Support for Scriptwriting and Project Development (up to €16,000 ), Support for Distribution, Licensing and Exhibition Support (up to €16,000),
Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Würtemberg GmbH : Support for Pre-production and Project Development (up to €75,000), Support for script development (up to €25,000), Support for the Production of Feature Films with Budgets under €500 000 (up to 70%), Support for the Production of Feature Films with Budgets over €500 000 (up to €1m or 50%), Baden-Würtembergische Documentary Film Prize , Support for distribution and licensing ( up to €125,000), Support for cinemas, Support for film-related productions with interactive content, Digital Content, Incentive Funding, Fifty-Fifty (up to €400,000),
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg : Support for Script Development and Project Development, Slate-Funding (up to €150,000), Support for Production (up to €800,000), Support for Distribution, Licensing and Foreign Sales (up to €150,000), Miscellaneous Activities in Line With Promotion Objectives, Package Promotion, Newcomer Funding (up to €200,000),
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH : Support for Script development (up to €25,000), Production funding, Project development (up to €100,000), Support of distribution and sales, Support of screening, presentation and OTHER projects, Support for education and training, Package Funding (up to €150,000),
MSH Institute for development of audiovisual works in Schleswig-Holstein : Support for Pre-production (up to €50,000), Support for Script Development (up to €30,000), Support for Film and TV Production, Training and education, Support for Radio broadcasting ,
Nordmedia : Support for script and project development (up to €100,000), Support for production, Support for sales, distribution and promotion, Support for screening and exhibition, Support for investments (up to €100,000), Funding of copies, Scholarship,
Saarland Medien GmbH : Film production fund (up to €20,000), Film Music Fund (up to €10,000), Support of copies,
Stiftung Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film : Support for Script Writing (for Childrens’ films up to €30,000; for First Feature films up to €15,000), Support for Project Development (up to €50,000 and 80%), Support for Production (for Childrens’ films up to €250,000; for First Feature films up to €50,000), Support for Distribution (up to €13,000 and 50%), Support for Sub-titling (up to €5,000), Support for Project Development of Children's Films (up to €41,000),
World Cinema Fund : Production funding (up to €100,000 ), Distribution support (up to €15,000 per project), Best First Feature Film (€ 50,000),
Berlin Brandenburg Film Commission
Focus Germany
Schleswig-Holstein Film Commission


Greek Film Centre : Horizons Programme, Incentives Programme, Short Cuts, Animation Programme, New Perception, Documentary Programme, Scriptwriting Programme,
SEE Cinema Network : Co-production Development Funding (up to €15,000),
The Balkan Fund : Script Development Fund (€ 10,000),


Big Island Film Office
Hawaii Film Office
Honolulu Film Office/Island Of Oahu
Maui County Film Office

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Film Services Office, TELA


Foundation of the Hungarian Historical Motion Picture : Support for feature film production, Support for scriptwriting, Support for documentary film production,
Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary : Feature film production support (up to €200,000 ), Support for animation film (up to €20,200 ), Support for documentary production (from €2000 to €20,500), Production support for popular science films (up to €20,000 ), Support for film research, education, publishing and experimental film (up to €40,500 ), Support for film distribution, Support for scriptwriting and development, Support for coproduction, Support for TV films and short films,
National Cultural Fund of Hungary : Moving Pictures,
National Radio and Television Commission : Subsidy for feature films, TV films and TV plays (up to €400,000),
Hungarian Film Commission
Magyar Filmunio


Icelandic Film Centre : Icelandic Film Fund (up to €800,000),
Film In Iceland



Irish Film Board : Company Development Initiative, Development Loans for Feature Length Fiction Films (up to €75,000 ), Production Loans for Feature Length Fiction Films (up to €750K), Short Shorts, Animation Development Loans (up to €80,000), Short Cuts (up to €80,000), Development and Production Finance Loans for Documentaries, Frameworks VI (up to €250,000), Animation production loans (€ 750,000),

The Louth, Newry & Mourne Film Commission



Direzione Generale per il Cinema : Loan for Feature Film Production (Up to €3.7m), Support for the Production of 'National' Feature Films (Up €500,000 and 70%), Support for the Production of Short Films, Support for films by new directors, Automatic funding for feature film production,
Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission
: Regional Audiovisual Fund (up to €120,000),
Salento Film Fund
: Production support (up to €100,000 or 30% of budget),
Campania Film Commission

Italian Film Commission


JAMPRO/Jamaica Film, Music


National Film Center of Latvia : Support for film, Support for festivals and film events,
State Culture Capital Foundation


Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania


Film Fund Luxembourg : Audiovisual Investment Certificates, Support for Script Writing and Development (up to €75,000), Support for Production (up to €500,000), Support for Distribution (up to €50,000), Support for promotion,


Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Macedonia : Fund for Financing Radio and Television Programmes of Public Interest (up to €90,000),


Malta Film Commission : Malta Film Commission, Co-productions,


National Film Commission


Dutch Film Fund : Support for feature film scriptwriting & development (up to €35,000), Support for production (feature films) (up to €450,000), Support for Distribution (up to €27,000), New Media (Up to €6,806), Public film (up to €900,000 and 30%), Documentary production (up to €160,000 and 45% of budget), Animation production (up to €120,000), Documentary development (up to €14,000), Animation script development (up to €15,000), Short film production (Average €30,000), Support for experimental films, Project development/scriptwriting support for feature films (up to €45,000),
Jan Vrijman Fund : Script and project development (up to €4000), Production and post-production (up to €15,000), OTHER activities,
Rotterdam Film Fund : Support for Production (up to €130,000), Support for Project Development (up to €9000), Rotterdam Shorts (up to €30,000),
Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties : Support for the Production of Audiovisual Programmes with Cultural Content, Support for Script Writing for Audiovisual and Radio Works,
The Dutch Co-production Fund for Broadcasting Companies : Co-production funding,
Film Investors Netherlands (FINE BV)

New Zealand 

Film New Zealand : Large Budget Screen Production Grant Scheme __ _,
Film South New Zealand
Film Wellington


Nordic Film & TV Fund : Production Support, Project Development, Support for Distribution, Promotion and Nordic Language Versions, Film Cultural Initiatives, Nordic Language Versions,
Norsk Filmfond : Support for production of minority co-productions, Support for short films and TV documentaries, Support for full-length feature film (development, production), Support for television series, Support for interactive productions, Production support (Up to NOK 30m), Support for production of films on commercial criteria_, Box-Office Bonuses (automatic support in proportion to ticket sales)_,
North Norwegian Film Centre : Support for production,
Norwegian Film Commission
Norwegian Film Development : Support for scriptwriting,
West Norwegian Film Centre : Funding for short and documentary films,


Film Polski : Financial support for promotion of films in cinema distribution (up to €10,000),
Polish Film Institute : Production Support (up to PLN 4 million),


Instituto do Cinema, Audiovisual e Multimédia : Direct Financial Support System for Film Production , Selective financial support system for the production of fictional feature films and First Films , Selective Financial Support System for Co-Productions , Selective Financial Support System for Short Films for Children and Youngsters__, Support for the Development, Research and Production of Creative Documentaries, Selective Financial Support System for Animated Films (Full-length, Medium-length, Short Films and Series)_, Support for Distribution, Financial Support for Audiovisual Production, Cinema Exhibition, Computerization of Box Offices Programme, Alternative Film Exhibition Network Programme_, Promotion,

Puerto Rico  

Puerto Rico Film Commission
Puerto Rico Film Commission


National Cinema Centre : Cinema fund (up to €405,000 or 65%),


Singapore Film Commission


Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic : Film and Video, Pro Slovakia Programme,
Slovenian Film Fund : Public tender for co-financing of films and audiovisual productions, Public tender for co-financing of cultural events, professional meetings and training,

South Africa 

South African Film Finance Corporation


Asesoría de Cine de la Comunidad de Madrid : Support for Scriptwriting and Production of Short Films & Audiovisual Works,
Catalan Finance Institute : Credit Line for Investments in Audiovisual Production,
Communidad de Aragón : Support for film and audiovisual production (up to €12,000),
Comunidad Autonóma de Extremadura : Support for film and TV production (up to €30,000),
Conselleria de Cultura, Comunicacion Social e Turismo, Xunta de Galicia : Support for Development of Audiovisual Projects, Support for Audiovisual Production, Support for script development and audiovisual productions by new directors, Subsidies to support marketing of productions in Galician, Subsidies for cinemas,
Consorcio Audiovisual de Galicia
Departamento de Cultura y Turismo, Gobierno de Navarra : Support for short films (up to €60,000), Support for feature length films,
Diputación Provincial de Almería : Support for audiovisual production in Almería (up to €12,000),
Direccion de Creacion y Difusion Cultural, Gobierno Vasco : Support for Script Writing (up to €12,000), Support for Film and TV Project Development (up to €21,000), Support for Feature and Television Film Production (up to €180,000, for documentaries up to €60,000), Subsidies for dubbing and subtitling films in Euskera, KIMUAK - Production, distribution and promotion support for short films ( ), NINIAK - Support for promotion,
Direccion General de Fomento y Promocion Cultural, Junta de Andalucia : Support for Project Development (up to €30,000 for feature films, up to €6,000 for documentaries), Support for the Production of Audiovisual Works (up to €180,000), Support for the Distribution of European Feature Films (up to €60,100), Support for participation in festivals and film markets,
General Directorate of Language Policy of the Region of Catalunya : Support for Distribution of dubbed DVD's and VHS Cassettes (up to €75,000), Subsidies for commercial films dubbed or subtitled in Catalan (up to €100,000),
Institut Catala des Industries Culturals : Subsidy to independent production companies for the production of TV films (up to €160,000), Grants for promotion of Catalan films at international festivals, Subsidies for the production of documentaries by independent producers (up to €25,000), Exhibition for Catalan-language versions of feature films (€ 6,000), Subsidies for the production of short films (€ 6,000), Subsidies for development of film projects (up to €30,000), Subsidies for the creation of scripts in Catalan, Production of feature films in Catalan by new directors (up to €120,000), Distribution of Catalan-language versions of feature films (up to €12,000), Support for audiovisual education and training (€ 6,000), Subsidies for animation development (up to €50,000), Subsidies for production, distribution and exhibition of IMAX films (up to €160,000), Premier and production of feature films in catalan as original language,
Instituto de la Cinematografia y las Artes Audiovisuales : Support for the production of feature films by new directors (up to €500,000), Support for short films (up to €60,000 or 75%), Support for the amortization of feature film costs (up to €1,000,000), Support for Distribution of European Union Films (up to €60,000), Loans for the Production of Feature Films (up to €1,000,000), Support for Script Development (up to €15,000), Loans for creation and modernization of cinemas and upgrading and modernization of production and OTHER technical facilites, Support for participation in international festivals of Spanish films, Support for the organization of film festivals and OTHER audiovisual events in Spain, Support for the conservation of negative and original medium of films, in Spain, Loans for the Distribution of European and Ibero-American Films,
Instituto Valenciano de Cinematografia Ricardo Munoz Suay : Support for Audiovisual Production, Support for Scriptwriting for Feature-Length Films, Bursaries for training, Grants for audiovisual activities,
Junta de Castilla-La Mancha : Support for audiovisual production (up to €90,000), Projection of films on VHS/DVD,
Barcelona-Catalunya Film Commission


Film i Dalarna
Film i Skåne : Support for Production,
Film i Väst : Support for production and development (Up to €326,000 or 30%),
Filmpool Nord : Co-production financing, Distribution of films to festivals, institutions and events, Young filmmakers’ programmes,
Göteborg Film Festival Filmfund : Gothenburg Film Festival Filmfund (€10,000 - €40,000 ),
Svenska Filminstitut : Fees for international cooperation, Support for distribution and exhibition (up to SEK 500,000), Production support for Swedish film, Support for international launches of Swedish film, Support for measures to combat the unauthorised use of films in all screening formats, Development Support, Cinema Support,
Swedish Film Commission


Canton of Aargau Film support : Production and screenplay support (up to CHF 50,000/ €33,400 ),
Canton of Bern Film support : Project development and Production support (up to €65,000),
Canton of Lucerne Film support : Support for production and screenplays,
Canton of Solothurn Film Support : Support for film making (up to €67,000),
Canton Ticino film support : Production support (up to €80,000),
Canton-City of Basel Film Support : Support for production and screenplays,
City of Bern Film Commission : Production support (up to CHF 200,000), Scriptwriting and Project Development support (up to CHF 200,000),
City of Geneva Film Support : Production and screenplay support (up to CHF 1.500,000 ),
Federal Office of Culture - Film Section : Project development, Production, Distribution, Sales and Exhibition, Funding linked to box office success,
Fondation Vaudoise pour le Cinéma : Selective aid for small projects (up to €14,000 or 50%),
Fonds Regio Films : Fonds Regio Films (up to €100,000),
Kulturfonds Suissimage : Support programme for transfer of Swiss films to DVD (up to €10,000), Funding for Swiss films (fiction and documentaries) in the form of advance on receipts (up to €200,000),
Visions sud est : Production support (up to €31,000 for feature films, up to €18,600 for documentaries ), Post production support (up to €12,000),
Zurich Film Foundation : Project development (up to €40,000), Production support 1 (up to €500,000), Production Support 2,


Tenerife Film Commission

Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinidad & Tobago Film Commission


Screen Agencies 

EM Media : Audience and Market Development (Up to £20,000 and 75% of project costs), Business Development (£1,000 - £5,000), Product and Project Development (Up to £250,000, 50% of costs), Skills Development (£1,000 per person, 50% of costs), DV Shorts (up to £10,000),
Film Agency for Wales : Production Funding (Up to £200,000 and 50% of budget), Development Funding (100% of development costs), Exhibition Core Funding (From £1,500), Exhibition Project Funding (Up to £5,000 or 75% of project costs), Education Funding (Up to £5,000 or 75% of costs),
Film London : Microwave (Up to £100,000), Pulse Digital Shorts (Up to £10,000), Film London Artists Film & Video Awards (LAFVA) (Up to £20,000),
North West Vision : Heritage, Access to Film and Audience Development Fund (up to 70% of project costs), Merseyside Film & TV Production Fund (£10,000 to £250,000 up to 37%), Feature Film Script Development (Up to £5,000), New Feature Film Writers Development Scheme (Between £500 and £5000), Training (Between £500 and £5000), Virgin Shorts (Up to £1000), Digital Shorts (£3,000 - £9,000), Digital Departures (£250,000),
Northern Film & Media : TV Development (Up to £1500), New Media (Up to £5,000), Writers Awards (£5,000), Feature Production (Up to £30,000 and 75% of costs), Development Packages (Up to £7,000), Digital Shorts, Marketing & market access (£300 - £1,500), Training for individuals (£5,000), Training for companies (£5,000), Social Impact Fund (£300 - £40,000), Accelerator Fund (Up to £3,000),
Northern Ireland Film Television Commission (NIFTC) : Deviate (i.e. Digital Shorts) (Up to £8000), Project Development (lottery) (Up to £40,000 and 50% of costs), Made in Northern Ireland (MINI) Individuals (Up to £2,500 and 90% of costs), Made in Northern Ireland (MINI) Small Awards (£2,501 - £5,000), Made in Northern Ireland (MINI) Low Budget Awards (£5,000 to £30,000 and up to 75% of costs), Made in Northern Ireland (MINI) High Budget Awards (£30,000 to £100,000, up to 50%), Company Development Fund (£3,000 - £80,000), Product Development Fund (£10,000 - £20,000), Completion Fund, Skills Development Bursary Fund (£1,000, up to 75%), Low Budget Feature Film Production (Up to £150,000, no more than 50%), Northern Ireland Film Production Fund (£150,000 - £600,000), Markets, festivals & Conferences (Up to £2,000 or 50%), Distribution and promotion (Up to £5,000 and 10% of total budget),
Scottish Screen : Content Development (Up to £50,000 and 50-75% of costs), Short Film Production (Up to £50,000 and 75% of costs), Content Production (Up to £500,000 and 25% of budget), Exhibition, Distribution (Up to £15,000 and 50% of costs), Festivals (Up to £50,000 and 50% of costs), Audience Development (Up to £15,000 and 50% of costs), Festival and market attendence (£250 to £1,500 and 75% of budget), New Talent Initiatives (£25,000 to £75,000 and 50% of project costs), Digital Access Fund (£5,000 to £20,000), Education Development (£10,000 to £25,000), Business Development Loan (£10,000 to £40,000 p.a.),
Screen East : Archive Services (Up to £5000 for individuals and up to £10,000 for organisations.), Company Development Investment (Up to £20,000), Development Finance, Digital Shorts (Up to £8000), Educational Projects & Initiatives (Up to £5000 for individuals and up to £10,000 for organisations.), Featurelab Tender (Full cost of course paid for.), Investment to Support Access for Audiences (Up to £10,000), Production Finance (Up to £20,000), Small Scale Capital Awards (Up to £5000), Content Investment Fund (Total fund £2m),
Screen South : Open Funding - small awards (Up to £500), Open Funding - large awards (£500 - £10,000), Festival and Exhibition Fund (up to £10,000), Dreamcatcher (£5000), Digital Shorts - Long Shots (£6,400), Digital Shorts - Close ups (£1,000), Digital Shorts - One minute wonders (£500),
Screen West Midlands : Film & Media Production Fund (Lesser of £300,000 or 25% of budget), Lottery Script Grants (£5,000), Advantage Development Fund (£5,000 - £30,000), Acccess Grants (£5,000 to £15,000), Digital Shorts (Up to £9,000), Digital Extreme (Up to £20,000),
Screen Yorkshire : Yorkshire Production Fund (Up to £200,000 and 5% of costs), Business Development Awards (Up to £25,000), Up Short (Up to £20,000), Caught Short (Up to £9,000), Low budget shorts (Up to £2,000), SPARK - Feature Film Development Programme (Up to £5000 for individuals and up to 80% of project costs.), Development of Skills and People (Up to £2,000), Audiences, progamming and education (£500 to £20,000), Community and Youth Projects (£500 to £5,000),
South West Screen : Digital Shorts (Up to £8,000), Production Alliances (Up to £8,000), Film Festival Fund (£2,000 to £20,000), Audience Development Fund (£1,000 to £8,000), Talent Development Fund (£500 to £8,000),
UK Film Council : Premiere Fund (Up to 35% of budget), New Cinema Fund - Feature Films (Between 15% and 50% of the feature film's budget.), New Cinema Fund - Pilots (Up to £10,000.), Development Fund - Single Projects - Seed Funding (Not stated), Development Fund - Single Projects - Partnered Development (Up to 75% of 'hard' costs), Development Fund - Single Projects - Pre Production (Up to 50% ), Development Fund - Slate Projects (Between £250,000 and £500,000 per year up to three years.), Development Fund - 25 Words or Less (£10,000), Prints & Advertising Fund (Between £50,000 to £100,000), International Festival Sales Support (£1500), Digital Screen Network, Capital Funding - Cinema Access Programme - Film Print Privision, New Cinema Fund - Digital Shorts (Up to £10,000), New Cinema Fund - Cinema Extreme (Up to £50,000), New Cinema Fund - Completion Fund,

Private Funds

Baker Street
Grosvenor Park Media Limited
Ingenious Film & Television Limited
Invicta Capital
Matrix Film Finance LLP
Movision Entertainment Ltd
Prescience Film Finance
Scion Films

Other sources 

Arts Council of England : Grants for the Arts - Individuals, organisations and national touring (Up to £3m, avg between £5,000 & £20,000),
Arts Council of Northern Ireland : Support for the Individual Artist Programme (Up to £5000.), General Arts Awards (Up to £5,000), Major individual awards (Up to £15,000),
Arts Council of Wales : Funding for individuals - Project Grants (Individuals can apply for between £250 and £5000. ), Funding for individuals - Production Grants (£5001 to £20,000), Creative Wales Awards (Between £500 and £25,000), Funding for organisations - low level (£250 to £5,000), Funding for organisations - higher level (£5,000 to £50,000),
Awards for All : Awards for All (Between £300 and £10,000),
B3 Media : Blank Slate - Digital Shorts (Up to £9,000),
Big Lottery Fund : England: Young People's Fund - Grants to Individuals (Between £250 and £5000), Scotland: Investing in ideas (Between £500 and £10,000), Scotland: Young People’s Fund (Between £5,000 and £1 million), Northern Ireland: Live and Learn (Stage 1 - £20,000 to £50,000; Stage 2 -£600,000 to £1 million),
CBA - DFID Broadcast Media Scheme : DFID Programme Development Fund (Up to £10,000 or 80% of budget),
Channel 4 British Documentary Film Foundation : Rolling Fund (£3,000 to £100,000), Campaigners Fund (Up to £35,000), BRITDOCART (Up to £30,0000),
City of Westminster Arts Council : Westminster Film, Video & Moving Image Bursaries (Up to £1000),
Ealing & Hounslow: Ealing & Hounslow Short Film Production Fund : Short Film Production Fund (Up to £4,000),
Eastern Edge Film Fund : Short film production,
First Light : Pilot Award (Up to 80% of project costs with a ceiling of £4000), Studio Award (Up to 60% of project costs with a ceiling of £20,000), Youth Media Fund (£1,000 to £80,000), What’s the big idea? (£1,000),
FilmFour : National Film & Television School, Coming Up, Future Perfect, Mesh (Up to £20,000), A-I-R (Up to £4,600), Animate! (£5,000 to £20,000),
Gaelic Media Service : Television & radio production grants, Development grants (Up to £3,000), Training grants,
Glasgow Film Office : Recce Support Fund, Infrastructure Support Fund, Production Support Fund (Up to £50,000),
Glasgow Media Access Centre (GMAC) : Little Pictures (£1,000), Cineworks (Between £6,000 and £10,000 and between £13,000 and £15,000 for animation), Digicult (£6,000 to £10,000),
Heritage Lottery Fund : Your Heritage (Between £5000 and £50,000.), Heritage Grants (£50,000 or more.), Young Roots (Between £5000 and £25,000.),
Isle of Man Film Commission : Isle of Man Film & TV Fund (Up to 25% with a ceiling of £350,000.),
Lewisham and Southwark: South London Film Fund : South London Film Fund (£2,000 to £5,000),
NESTA : NFTS Inc (Up to £15,000), Nesta Ventures (Up to £500,000), Ideasmart - Scotland (Up to £15,000),
One World Broadcasting Trust : Student Bursaries (£600 to £6,000),
Scottish Arts Council : Visual Artists Awards (Up to £15,000), Creative and Professional Development (£1,000-5,000 ), Creative Scotland (up to £30,000),
Scottish Documentary Institute : Bridging the gap (£16,000 (50% in kind)),
The Prince's Trust : Start-up Business support (loan of £3,000 to £5,00 & grant of £1,500), Grants for education, training and work (£50 to £500), The Big Boost (£1,000 to £5,000),
The Wellcome Trust : People Awards (Up to £30,000), Society Awards (Above £50,000), Sciart Research & Development Awards (£15,000), Sciart Production Awards (Up to £120,000), Pulse (£10,000 to £50,000),
Tri-Pod Film Fund : Tri-pod Film Fund,
Triangle Film Fund : Triangle Film Fund (£1,900 to £2,500),
UnLtd : Level 1 (£500 - £5,000), Level 2 (£10,000 to £20,000),
Wandsworth Film Fund : Wandsworth Film & Video Awards (Up to £5000),
Bath Film Office
Guernsey Film Commission
DepicT! : DepicT,
Oscar Moore Foundation / Screen International
Pocket Shorts : Pocket Shorts - North England (Up to £2,000), Pocket Shorts - Scotland (Up to £2,000),
Turner Classic Movies Short Film Competition : Classic Shorts,
UK Jewish Film Festival : Short FIlm Fund (Up to £15,000),
Warp X : Digital Feature (up to £800,000),


Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI)
Foundation Center
Salem Partners LLC
Alabama Humanities Foundation : Media Grant (up to US $ 5,000), Media Grant (up to $20,000),
Alaska Humanities Forum : Grants Program (around $3,500),
Astraea : US Panel Grants (up to US $10,000), Visual Arts Fund ($2,500), International Fund Panel Grant (up to US $50,000),
CPB - Funding Educational Programs : Greenhouse Fund, National Programming Outreach Fund (up to US $250,000), Program Challenge Fund,
Experimental Television Center : Finishing Funds (up to US $1,500), Presentation Funds_ (up to US $1,000), Media Arts Technical Assistance Fund_ (up to US $2,000),
Film Arts Foundation : Grants program, Fiscal Sponsorship,
Ford Foundation Media, Arts and Culture Grants Database : Main award (up to US $200,000 or above),
Frameline Completion Fund : Completion Fund (up to US $5,000),
Funding Exchange/Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media : Independent Media Fund (up to $20,000),
Independent Television Service : INTERNATIONAL CALL (from $10,000 to $150,000), DIVERSITY DEVELOPMENT FUND (up to $15,000 ), LINCS (LINKING INDEPENDENTS AND CO-PRODUCING STATIONS) (up to $100,000), Research and Development/Commissioning Funding ,
International Film Seminars : Professional Development Fellowship_, Student Fellowship Program ,
Jerome Foundation : Minnesota production Grant Program (from US $8,000 to $30,000 ), Media Arts, New York City Film and Video,
Marin Arts Council : Community Arts Partnership (up to US $5,000),
Media Artists Resource Center : Marc Access Grants (US $2,250),
Minnesota Independent Film Fund : SCREENWRITING FELLOWSHIP (US $25,000), Professional Development (US $25,000),
National Asian American Telecommunications Assoc. : Media Fund,
National Black Programming Consortium : Annual Open Solicitation Fund (up to US $80,000), Discretionary Fund (up to US $30,000), Acquisition Program,
National Foundation for Jewish Culture : The Fund for Jewish Documentary Filmmaking (up to $50,000 or 50%),
New York Foundation for the Arts : Artists' Fellowships ($7,000),
New York State Council on the Arts : Electronic Media & Film, Individual Artists Program ,
Pacific Pioneer Fund : Filmmaker grants (US $1,000-$10,000),
Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities : Media Production Grant (above US $5,000), Script Development Grants (up to US $5,000),
Southern Humanities Media Fund : Southern Humanities Media Fund (up to US $110,000),
Squeaky Wheel : Local Artist Access Residency ,
Texas Filmmakers Production Fund : Texas Filmmakers Production Fund,
The National Endowment for the Humanities : Television Projects: Planning, Scripting, and Production Grants __ (from $400,000 to $800,000 (for Production Grants)), We the People Grant Initiative (from $400,000 to $800,000 ),
The Open Society Institute : Media Program,
Thousand Words : Completion Fund
Nicholl Fellowships : Institutional Grants (from US $5,000 to $15,000),
Roy W. Dean Film and Video Grants : LA Film Grant, The Roy W. Dean Editing Grant, Writing Grant,
Louisiana Governor's Office of Film and Television Development

State and County screen commissions 

African Film Commission
Alabama Film Office
Alaska Film Group
Arizona Film Commission
Baltimore Film Commission
Buffalo Niagara Film Commission
California Film Commission
Chicago Film Office
Colorado Film Commission
Dallas Film Commission
Delaware Film Commission
Delaware Film Commission
East Tennessee Television & Film Commission
Eastern North Carolina Film Commission
Film Division, Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Film Office of the Atlantic City Convention & Vistitors Authority
Florida Governor's Office of Film & Entertainment
Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Film Commission
Georgia Film, Video & Music Office
Idaho Film Bureau
Imperial County Film Commission
Iowa Film Office
Jacksonville Film & Television Commission
Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Maine Film Office
Maryland Film Commission
Memphis & Shelby County Film & Television Commission
Metro Orlando Film & Television Commission
Michigan Film Office
Minnesota Film & TV Board
Mississippi Film Office
Montana Film Office
Monterey County Film Commission
New Hampshire Film and Television Office
New Jersey Motion Picture/TV Commission
New Mexico Film Office
New York State Governor's Office for Motion Picture & TV Development
North Carolina Film Office
Oklahoma Film & Music Office
Oregon Film & Video Office
Otero County Film Office
Palm Beach County Film and Television Commission
Park City Film Commission
Pennsylvania Film Office
Pittsburgh Film Office
Ridgecrest Regional Film Commission
Rio Rancho Convention & Visitors Bureau
Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office, Inc.
San Diego Film Commission
San Francisco Film Commission
Santa Clarita Film Office
Savannah Film Commission
South Carolina Film Commission
St. Joseph CVB - Film Division
St. Petersburg-Clearwater Area Film Commission
State of Alaska Film Program
Tampa Bay Film Commission
Vermont Film Commission
Virginia Film Office
Washington State Film Office
West Virginia Film Office
Western Reserve Film Commission
Wyoming Film Office

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