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Tips to Snapping Brighter Pictures

Some very important occasions in your life only comes ones and that's all. Such happening like your wedding, high school graduation party, a trip to a far country or an abnormal happening that you happen to witness are things you will never love to forget. One important thing that is of great important to help you record such occasions is a camera.

Now, with a camera in hand, the next thing that you should never compromise is the quality of the picture shot during these wonderful moments. To guarantee quality shots, pause a bit and relax as I take you through some tips to snapping brighter picture.

· Read the camera manual keenly :

You will agree with me that it is heart breaking to have a brand new camera but you cannot shoot a single clear picture. The manual helps you converse indirectly with the designer of the camera on how he expect you to use the different functions. Just imagine what will happen if you don't know how to switch on the flash.

· Experiment/ practice :

Experiment on the use of your camera will help you gain confidence and experience, thus, you don't have to mind butterflies in your stomach about ruining your big day.

· Setting your white balance:

This you can do manually using a white of paper before you commence the action. This will help you restrain the use of camera flash that can lead to red eye that occurs after the flash reflects off the subject's eyes. You may also opt to use the camera in its RAW mode and edit your photos latter using your computer. But, never mind if the red eyes appear, you can rectify the problem latter.

· Emphasis on details:

Sometimes, you may realize that your photo appears as though it was shot from a very far distance or it may have very many unimportant details on the background. Relax; you can always avoid this by ensuring that you grasp the subtle details of the subject. You do this by getting closer to the subject or use the zoom features of your camera. Always try to avoid shooting your subject against a busy or competing foreground or background.

· Avoid blurs:

You may sometimes realize that your pictures are not very clear; they are blurred. This too you can avoid. Blurs mostly occurs due to using non stationary camera caused by shaky hands, or shooting while in motion. Your subject may also be in motion hence unclear shot. Solve all these by using a tripod for your camera or brace yourself on a firm stationary object hence, you can hold your camera still.

· Use fast shutter speed:

If you want to get brighter pictures especially at night, use of fast shutter speed is important. You can manually set the shutter speed or automatically use the program mode which usually defaults to the fastest shutter possible in low light.

My final word is that, quality should never be overlooked. Whether you are an amateur or professional you can always get brighter pictures if you heed these tips.

by Atiqur Sumon

Published 13 October 2010
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