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Outsourcing your Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying

Submitted article from Zenia Mai Enriquez:

Can you outsource video post-production work?  Can outsourcing efficiently provide the cost advantage benefit without sacrificing quality?   

The outsourcing industry is booming and it is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Driven by improved yet low-cost telecommunication capacity and the upswing of technology, the outsourcing industry is expected to generate a whopping $ 2.5 billion in the next ten years. Though outsourcing is common for customer services, telemarketing, and such, post production outsourcing is now at its infancy. The widespread popularity of the internet and the need for a higher degree of visual effects technical expertise are the sub-plots of a script that spells the need for outsourcing digital video post production workflow.

Outsourcing is a risk and the best heeded advice for outsourcing is to outsource labor intensive yet simple tasks. For the digital video post production workflow, rotoscoping and chroma keying are the “it tasks” to outsource.

Why is rotoscoping and chroma keying the “it” tasks

The continuous advancement of technology has contributed to the much higher standards of what constitutes good cinematography and the makings of a solid craftsmanship. rotoscoping and chroma keying are said to be the dirty work of the otherwise glamorous film industry. Having Harry in high-speed broomstick chase during a quidditch game wouldn’t be an exhilaration once rigs and wires are still attached in the final edit. Video editors would have to erase those wires, key out the greenscreen and then set-up a heated wizard game scene with flying creatures for the film to reach the pantheon of screen achievement, which they did.

Though rotoscoping and chroma keying are important, doing so also sacrifices the needed attention for creativity. They can be dull and both are process intensive; nonetheless every visual effects designer just has to undergo through them ensuing to conquer screen magic.

The benefits of outsourcing rotoscoping and chroma keying

Outsourcing rotoscoping and chroma keying gives digital video editors and visual effects designers their needed escape from these lackluster chores. They can now have their needed time with creativity and give more focus on the stimulating aspect of visual effects.

The benefits are more-a-like the same benefits when a company decides to outsource and that is: (a) focus on core-processes (b) reduced labor cost and (c) improved process procedures however the risk in the investment made is minimal since the “it tasks” are simple (they only get to process intensive once there are loads of frame to rotoscope and chroma key) and the desired output has its general standards.

Tips in choosing a visual effects workforce partner

There are several firms that outsources rotoscoping and chroma keying however finding the “right” service provider is the critical point. A wrong outsourcing company would mean an offset to the enticing outsourcing benefits. Here are few tips to keep in mind when choosing your service provider.

  • Commitment to quality
  • Price
  • References / Reputation
  • Flexibility of contract terms
  • Scope of resources
  • Additional value added capability
  • Cultural match

If you are a tired visual effects designer or digital video editor, outsourcing rotoscoping and chroma keying is an option. You just have to find your right service provider.