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Nothing Good on at the Cinema Today? What rubbish!

Red StarWhat a year 2006 is turning out to be for any socialist who wants to see politically charged or socially aware cinema. The line up for this year’s best film Oscar and the recent releases from Europe are a testament to the film industry being in rude health in terms of intelligent and heartfelt work.


a brief history of mind

flag Once there was nothing. But sooner or later something had to happen, so it did. The something had no idea what it was. Large or small? There or not there? Positive or not positive? Out or in? The something had no idea but expanded to satisfy all possible answers.

And from this sea of chaos, our universe was born.

In all things stand all things. All is one, all is many. The universe is singular - a sole unit, yet composed of endless singular units, in turn built up from sprawling communities and infinite networks of singular units. In each of these stands understanding of the whole, just as one drop of blood contains the blueprint for a human.

As generation after generation of subatomic particles built elements and chemicals of ever increasing complexity, and as generation after generation of chemicals spawned self-replicating networks that gave birth to amino acids, chromosomes, unicellular bacteria, micro-organisms, algae and plants, each singular autonomous system progressed to a more complex form. A form with higher sensitivity, the ability to express and define, the will to remember and record, With each new generation of autonomous systems, some ended in positions where their design inhibited them in their habitat, resulting in failure and extinction; others ended in positions where they were getting as much from the environment as they could hope to, resulting in stasis and equilibrium; while others still were offered a cushion of receptiveness, a position of advantage and security that allowed for growth far beyond competitor species.