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NETRIBUTION LIVES - Proof of Life After Death

So that's it then, four years to the day almost, since issue 99 went out, so it's been a while.

With this new architecture it has not been too bad. Not a lot of midniht oil burning, although Nic looks to be a little jet-lagged when it gets to tea-time.

There's no chance of Netribution losing its non-London centricity either, since our cotributors are well spread from the Smoke to the Shetland Islands. This is Netribution UK. The one exception is Dorothy S Parker who thinks that Soho is the centre of the film making universe.


Not so, Dotty. You can make films anywhere these days. Anyway, who in their right mind would pay rents at the W1 level whenthey can have 2,000 acres of sky and all the fresh air in the world to breathe! I feel great just taking in lungfuls o the stuff......

Happy reading everybody and do let us know what you think, what you like and what you don't. Ilm off to bed now. Ta ta.