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Cox in Good Spirits
Brit actor Brian Cox is in line for an Independent Sprit Award for his role as paedophile in L.I.E. The Michael Cuesta film has been nominated in six categories in the annual IFP awards and fights the top spot against Hediwig and the Angry Inch, and Brit Christopher Nolan's Memento - both nominated in five categories.

The Independent Feature Project (IFP) has been running the Independent Spirit Awards for 17 years, which takes place each year a day before the Oscars. This year's top three Spirit nominees will compete for best feature, along with the fact-based rape drama Things Behind The Sun and the live-action cartoon Waking Life.

L.I.E sees Cox - considered by some as the true Hannibal Lector after his brutally chilling turn in Michael Mann's soon-to-be-remade Manhunter - play Big John. The character is a paedophile who overcomes his condition to befriend a troubled 15-year-old boy. Cox will compete against Ryan Gosling from The Believer, Jake Gyllenhaal for Donnie Darko and Brit Tom Wilkinson for In The Bedroom.

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