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Snow White and the 7 Sequels
After Buena Vista turned in its worst box office performance for over a decade, Disney is set to 'sell the family silver' with sequels to Dumbo, Jungle Book and Cinderella.
In a move many commentators are saying reeks of desperation Walt Disney will begin the release of Cinderella II in February. This isn't the first follow-up to a Disney classic - The Lady and the Tramp II performed strongly last year whil Fantasia did impressive performance in 2000 (although Disney had always planned to update the film every few years). Planned releases for Peter Pan II, set during World War II; Jungle Book II and Dumbo II are guaranteed to be huge successes. But the strong short-term gains may be at the cost of the original films' strong reputations.

However Anthony Peet, Marketing Director, of Buena Vista Home Entertainment claims 'The traditional values of the original fables are maintained - and the original style of animation is replicated in these new adventures'


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