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festivals & events by holly martins | November 23rd, 2001 | contact:

London Wraps

The closing night party of the Regus London film festival took place on Thursday night, after a star studded screening of the promising psychological thriller, K-Pax.

The film's star, Jeff Bridges, opposite Kevin Spacey's brilliant performance, turned up with his daughter Isabelle for the gala screening in Leicester Square.

Spacey plays a mental patient claiming to be a visitor from a distant planet who has a healing effect on other inmates and his psychiatrist, Bridges.

K-Pax made USD17.5m during its first weekend in US cinemas and topped the box office for the last week in October.

Director Iain Softely recently pleaded with audiences not to give away the ending to this deep story.

Warrior Wins
26 year-old Hackney director Asif Kapadia won the Sutherland Trophy for his debut feature The Warrior.

The Warrior is about an epic journey from the deserts of Rajasthan in India to the Himalayas. Unique for a debut, Kapadia orchestrated a 250 strong crew, hundreds of heads of cattle and exotic animals and, at one point, a cast of 600 armed warriors in a massive fort.

Bob Booed
On a darker note, a video message from Bruce Willis was booed at the premiere of his new film, Bandits.

The star had planned to fly to the UK for the event but pulled out following the US terror attacks.

Fonda Flued
Peter Fonda also cancelled his trip to the London Film Festival due to flu. He was due to take part in a Guardian Interview on November 15. However, this year's star attendance has been a great deal more successful than 2000, which was blighted by late no-shows.

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