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festivals & events by holly martins | 26th October 2001 | contact:

War Helps Sun to Shine on Raindance

Brit's leading indie feast Raindance has seen admissions rocket this year with hundreds turned away from the most popular screenings. Fest chief Elliot Grove told Netribution 'we've broken the house records for admissions at the Metro Cinema by 30%', explaining 'part of the reason is people are tired of all the hatred and war and want to get some entertainment.'

Queues for the exclusive Bjork video premiere stretched all around the block to Planet Hollywood after it was rumoured the musicella was to attend herself. Elliot also attributed the event's success to an upsurge in indie interest, saying 'independent film is hot right now, and it's a good time to put a film out now.' Asked for his hot tips - Grove mentioned Visitor Q; Serbian film No Mans Land; and American independent Dirt.

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