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30s - 50s Hollywood Films

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interviews with leading filmmakers from John Waters to Mike Figgis
o a library of film theory essays from Catwoman to The Third Man
o Dr Andrew Cousin's mockumentary column Carnal Cinema
o netribution's film & book reviews

A Time Of Innocence - about films and stories of the 1940's and 1950's. Classic Movies - with links, feature articles, chat, forum, and weekly newsletter.

Another Fine Mess - includes movie posters, vintage photographs, and profiles of Jackie Coogan, Dean Stockwell, and Freddie Bartholomew.

Class Act: The Classic Movie Musicals - dedicated to the actors and music of those golden movie musicals.

Classic Movies-Related Articles from David P. Hayes Newsgroup Postings

Classic Stars on TV This Month

Clickable Bombshells - a celebration of actresses from the '30s, '40s & '50s.

Elizabeth's Classic Movie Page

Erin Michelle's Classic Movie Page

German-Hollywood Connection - about the impact Austrians, Germans, and Swiss had on Hollywood.

Golden Years, The - all about classic movies.

Hollywood Thirties, The - discusses 1930s history as well as the finest films of this decade.


Kiss Me Deadly - dedicated to classic film stars.

Lynn's 10 Classic Movie Actors Page

My List of Great Classic Movies

Palace Theater - dedicated to the serious classic film buff.

Red-Headed League, The - featuring Hollywood's Irish Mafia.

Screwball Comedy - an in-depth look at those witty Depression films that took a good look at class and gender issues during the 1930s and early 1940s.

Teddi's Classic Movies Page

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