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How much do you charge for that service?
Fifty quid for a report on their script but we don't do the reports ourselves, in our desperation to find readers we've had to set up training courses, it's a circle of writers turning into readers of other scripts. It's very interesting to see how your script is received.

What other services to do provide?
Ed, what else do we do?

Ed Collier (right) - Apart from the training we do social gatherings, night clubs as well.
Lucy - Oh yes, we've got a big party coming up because we are 5 this year but we've also launched the Script Factory social club, a sort of catharsis between my old and my new life!
What we've started at Edinburgh and continued at London is a sort of branded festival strand that is a series of live events that work within a film festival. We hired the Soho theatre for three days to run a series of masterclasses with people like Richard Curtis and Frederick Raphael. We also did development journeys from script to screen with people Jonathan Glazer but also a series of events that I really think will work in the future. Legal workshops, how to get an agent session, how to market your script session, casting and I did a 'how to read a script session.' We had Troy Kennedy Martin who wrote The Italian Job and The Edge of Darkness discussing the difference between writing for film and writing for TV, it was amazing and we created a delegate pass which had a lot of people staying for the whole three days.

Do you operate online as well?
Yes, we have a daily email digest called The Screenwriters Network. We have 2,500 subscribers where huge debates rage from things like the pros and cons of the three act structure, genre and things but it's also used to promote script competitions and as a freeads notice board. Fantastic little resource, we edit it and send it every day.
(Showing me an event flyer) The theory is that the guest DJ's are filmmakers like Chris Cunningham and Lynne Ramsay - she was so very bad that the venue tried to turn the sound off! She was singing through a microphone and a megaphone to Tainted Love!

To join The Script Factory's Screenwriters Network simply send an email to:


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