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Is there more of a connection between music video and commercials than
feature films and commercials?
Yes, I’d say there is a stronger connection now between promos and commercials than before. Fundamentally a promo and a commercial use the same production systems and they are also both selling something. Technological developments have obviously also narrowed the gap between promos and commercials but a film is an altogether more complex undertaking and set about for completely different reasons.

How many young film-makers come through your doors and what seems to be the general perception of work in commercials? Are these assumptions correct?
Many young people looking for a career in the film business are literally bowled over when they realise exactly what it is we do. I personally saw ten people leave their jobs after only one day each as runners. Therefore a system is developed so that you have to start at the bottom to fully understand the procedures, vernacular and protocol of the commercials industry. The early days in the business can mean unreasonable hours, low pay and an overwhelming feeling of ingratitude, initially not a very pleasant career opportunity. But slowly and surely, as with most things in life, everything falls into place. Really to work in this business you have to really love filmmaking. If you persevere the rewards can be immense.

How would you suggest a young film-maker break into the world of commercials manufacture? What should their previous history and levels of experience be?
Before any experience, a young filmmaker should have enthusiasm, be efficient in completing the most mundane tasks and have the ability to concentrate on listening to what is being said rather than just hearing it. Armed with these attributes and after plenty of knocking on doors, one door should open. Unfortunately, with so few companies and so many young filmmakers looking for jobs it really is a case of being in the right place at the right time. So one way of achieving this is to be persistent but not intrusive. Once a position is acquired, even if it is only for a one day shoot, my advice would be to make yourself indispensable to that company. Having found a job in the industry it will become clear which area of film making you want to pursue and people will be more than happy to advise.

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