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Would you say that success is often less about how good you are as an actor, and more about how good your agent is at getting you work?
At times I think it’s definitely true. To a certain extent, anyway. I’m with a cracking agency called JLM; they've worked for me so far.

You were saying earlier that your main ambition is to get into screenwriting.
I don’t know if it’s screenwriting. I’ve written a horror screenplay, I’ve always written short stories, but I think it’s probably novels I’d like to end up on.

James Herbert or Steven King?
James Herbert definitely. Though I’m yet to read the whole Green Mile series.

Would success change things?
No. I could buy my mam a new car, which’d be pretty cool. I don’t know, I haven't thought about it at all, to be honest. I was sitting in a room the other night with my friend Lucy, and she said, ‘what are you going to wear for the premier’? And I said, ‘I don’t know'. 'Fuck off, Emma’ she said ‘don’t tell me when you get a lead in a feature film, the first thing you think of is what you're going to wear for the premier.’ And it’s the last thing I’d thought of, it really is. So god knows what it'll be like. It changes people, I suppose. I hope it does. I just want the film to do good, as a whole, for everybody involved. Everybody's worked so hard on this film, and it’s really good to be a part of it, that’s the main thing. The work’s good, and everyone's a pleasure to work with.

Any tears yet?
I think there probably will be on the wrap party. It’s like a family. You really get to know everyone, and you get to know about everyone's families, even though you don’t meet them. You get to be a part of everyone's lives, because you spend so much time around them. Then to actually lose all that and think, oh I’m never going to see you again, or, I will see you but it might be ages, months, years away.

Do you think you'd work together again?
I’d like to think so, definitely.

Have you got work lined up after this?
I’ve been really lucky, extra lucky - I’ve worked solidly since September but now I haven't got anything lined up after this. So I’m going to go to Berlin, take a bit of time out. I haven't had a blow out for ages.

Have you got any advice for people wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Yeah, don’t listen to a single bloody soul, cos the first audition I went on, the guy said, ‘don’t call us darling, we’ll call you’. Do not listen. Do not listen, that’s it. If you've got your eyes set on something, then just go for it the full hog and, as a far as classes and the people teaching you are concerned, never think, ‘oh, they’re right’. If you're not comfortable with what they’re teaching you, then don’t stay there, because there is always something else on offer. Stay there of course until you find something else or until you meet people who have ideas: ‘oh I know this teacher’, ‘oh I know this class’ - that’s always a good thing, always chase things like that. The actor's centre is a good thing for finding things out.

Did you ever consider drama school?
No that was never an option. Never an option. So I do lots of voice work every morning - you have to take care of that side yourself. Have a good tutor. Do the work. I have a really weak voice, and I have to work on it every morning.

Would you ever consider doing theatre?
I’d like to do theatre, I’d like to find a good theatre group. But, again I need to work on my voice a lot more before I can do that. More projection. Last year I went for my first ever theatre audition and it was for one of the big theatres in Trafalgar Square, and I got down to the last three. And the guy really, really wanted me, but he said ‘Emma, can you please, please project more’. It was this really vulnerable character, really shy, really weak, and I can’t, still can’t, get my head round how you can handle that with a strong voice. Doesn't really make sense in my mind. I mean I know you can do it, I’ve seen people do that myself. Still I’m sure I’ll get there one day.


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