Interview by Tony Pomfret
Photos by Mark Gibbons

Stanley Forman was born on boxing day, 1921, in London. We first met him in June last year whilst making the documentary, Victor Jara. As a close friend of Victor's widow, Joan Jara and a key member of the Victor Jara foundation, he gave an informed and especially moving account of his work as a documentary filmmaker in Chile under Pinochet.

A clearly proud communist, his company ETV (aka Plato Films) has the most comprehensive collection of rare left wing stock in the country. Footage ranges from Lenin through to Castro and his two story office in Islington is a Cold War enthusiast's utopia.

His warm manner, vast experience, and status as a leading left wing documentary maker made him an ideal candidate for an interview. Indeed, it was always going to be a real treat for us.

A season of Stanley Forman's and partner Martin Smith's films can be seen at the NFT from the 2nd of May, an event that we shall monitor for you. Enjoy!

Tom Fogg, site editor

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