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scriptwriters life tricolourLAUNCH OF FREE TOOL FOR WRITERS

The Scriptwriter's Life is just a diagram. I say 'just' a diagram. In fact it puts the whole of a scriptwriter's life, everything we would need to do to be successful, all the elements that would need to be in balance for a long-term career, EVERYTHING, all on one page.

For the first time ever.

This diagram is free to every writer in the world. Its been developed at the grass roots level from writers in the UK - bloggers, on-line advocates and Netribution readers. It is free of any bias due to current trends and it doesn't bow to any producer or particular company or any special way of working. It is genre free and medium free. This is, simply, what we need to do if we want to successful.

With no launch it has already been downloaded by 200 writers from www.scriptwriterslife.com

They are already using it, exploring it, sharing it, discussing it, printing it and changing it - its a work in constant progress.

If you're a writer you should be using it too.
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Award winning film makers reveal plans for a movie which can be watch-for-free anytime, anyplace, anywhere on-line and off-line.

Bournemouth based BAFTA nominated Writer - Director, Tim Clague, reveals plans to shoot Circumference, the world's first movie funded by advertising, with the launch of the films promotional conceptual web site.

The modern day seaside romance about a British salesman will be available in 2008 and will be the world’s first watch-for-free movie.  Film fans will be able to download, copy, share, upload, stream or duplicate the movie without any charges by logging on to the film website or clicking on to the planned IPTV station or iTune site.  Alternatively free DVD cover disc will be given away with major nation newspapers and in stores to ensure that no one pays to watch the film.

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