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Studio Beyond, the global online business platform for the entertainment industry,  is accepting submissions for its first "Notable Filmmaker" competition.

The winning trailers will be shown on our "Movie City" homepage as well as in our ‘Executive’s Online Screening Room’ where sales agents, distributors, film financiers, film festivals, producers have gathered to watch your movies.  

How to submit your work: Register for FREE on www.studiobeyond.net and then apply to the Talent Call opened by Studio Beyond by clicking on the red Alert once you enter your online studio office.

Contest ends 20th Dec, 2012 www.studiobeyond.net

Like many successful businesses, Studio Beyond was created to solve a problem. In Hollywood, there are often significant barriers for film makers who often find themselves unable to tap into Hollywood resources.

Since Hollywood is a giant business oriented towards making ‘safe’ decisions, it favors cautious choices, tending to use ‘proven’ people to work with (actors, directors, producers, editors, etc.). While this low-risk approach is understandable, it is not always the ideal way to put together the most creative or profitable product. 

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For the first time ever, film makers can access movie-making resources online through a new global online business platform.

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The most innovative online movie studio for the entertainment industry, Studio Beyond (www.studiobeyond.net) has today announced the launch of their online screening service. This service is making its mark on the film festivals and film makers around the world.

The long Film Maker's road of burning the DVD, posting the DVD, hoping it arrives and waiting for a reply is changing!The Festival Organizer's lengthy processes from callouts, receiving hoards of DVDs through to the final award decisions is also changing! Through Studio Beyond (www.studiobeyond.net) filmmakers and sales agents are now submitting online screeners to film festivals. Festival Organizers and judges are receivingscreenings in their own private, built-in screening room equipped with the multi-media player and are making decisions instantly. Facilitating instant communications between filmmakers, festivals organizers and judges is being welcomed.Festival directors are gaining direct access to press members by organizing online press attendance at the online screenings of their selected movies. It is all here and now, and is happening as we speak. Read more Pioneers in Online Screening Rooms for film festivals and filmmakers

From Sophie Le Brozec for StudioBeyond.net

The unprecedented power of the Internet is threatening to bring down traditional barriers in the most closed industry in the world - the film industry.

The rules could well be changing in the film industry. Highly guarded personal connections and contacts could be fighting a losing battle with the speed and accessibility of vast online communities.

Suddenly the power in the game is shifting hands. As online film communities threaten to sweep control away from the traditional power holders, wise use of the new phenomenon can help movie-makers gain all the benefits of the internet. And whilst a multitude of new projects and talent can very quickly gain tremendous exposure, those same projects and talent can also serve as a valuable resource to sustain an industry that is undergoing rapid changes.

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