Top Indian Filmmaker Tours Northern Locations

Written by James MacGregor on . Posted in Scripts and Development

Bengali filmmaker Buddhadeb DasguptaAcclaimed industry professional, one of India's top 10 and most acclaimed filmmakers Buddhadeb Dasgupta stopped off in Manchester on the Northern leg of his whistlestop tour of the UK. The trip was a familiarisation visit to give Mr Dasgupta a feel of the range of locations on offer in the UK, with the possibility of a feature film to be set in Britain in the future.

 Tahader Katha - Their StoryBuddhadeb Dasgupta, one of India's top 10 and most acclaimed film makers, has made more than 15 feature films and 20 documentaries. He is also a novelist, essayist and a poet. Four books have been written about him and his work, one of them being John W. Hood's Time and Dreams: The Films of Buddhadeb Dasgupta.

Dasgupta's films have won awards and critical acclaim at various international film festivals like Berlin, Venice, Cannes, Toronto and London. His famous films include Bagh Bahadur (The Tiger Man) in Hindi, Tahader Katha (Their Story), Uttara (The Wrestlers), Mondo Meyer Upakhyan (Tale of a Naughty Girl) and more recently Sapner Din (The Dreamers). Apart from being screened in theatres, many of Dasgupta's films have been shown in international television channels like Channel 4 in the UK and Australia and ZDF in Germany.