Beyond Dogme 95, Lars von Trier introduces 'interactivity' with Lookey

Written by Nic Wistreich on . Posted in Sales


"Film as media has one great flaw — it's a one-way media with a passive audience. As much as I love to dictate the storyline and control the experience I still wish that the audience could take an active part"
Lars von Trier


In the start of a new concept, the release of Lars von Triers latest film, The Boss of It All, apparently contains between five and seven visual clues which the Danish director calls Lookeys. With a 30,000 Kroner (approx £2,750) prize to the first Dane who identifies them all and understands how they connect, the Lookey  is hoping to encourage greater audience participation.  The winner will also get to appear as an extra in his next film: Anti Christ. More info at