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Integrate Technology into a Lesson Plan

As a college teacher with four years of teaching experience, I and my colleagues have formed a clear teaching concept that we can integrate information technology into our lesson plan. As teacher, we understand the importance of keeping the class’s attention, but how to keep the student interested and focused, I thank it is essential for teachers to create informative and creative teaching presentation in order to give the students a better sight experience!

Students don’t want to be seen as merely talking at the class, but talking with them, encouraging more responsiveness from the students. PowerPoint offers him far more in this respect than traditional textbooks ever could.

There are many ways to integrate technology into a lesson plan. In the preceding example, computer technology was used for the demonstration and for the student work. The use of technology in lesson plans generally falls into three categories: Instructional (teacher), Demonstration (teacher and/or student), and Student Work (student).

Designing the practical presentation and application in actual teaching are the basic skill that every teacher should possess. But in fact, most of college teachers are unable to make an attractive presentation, so aimed to those who are not able to create a good presentation; PowerPoint to video converter will absolutely a best option, it can design convert PowerPoint to video converter, and  it makes this easy for every teacher. Educators don’t need to do any complex designing or programming in order to produce the attractive results he desires; instead, the software can automatically transform simple text into appealing diagrams, also PowerPoint to DVD converter would also be your assistant that can convert and burn your presentation to DVD disc.

Furthermore, with the growing numbers of iPad owners in the college, it is also a good way to look though and practice your lesson with your iPad, since the tool is capable of converting video to iPad supported format MP4, but you need Mac iPad video converter to help you convert your Presentation to iPad so that you can view lesson presentation on the go. Meanwhile, the mac DVD to iPad converter can resolve any issues when you experience difficulty in converting DVD into iPad.

On the whole, if you don't already know how to use PowerPoint, you won't have the time to learn it first. Creating written lesson plans takes time — but they are great tools for teachers. Lesson plans can guide you in organizing your thoughts, materials, and strategies to help your students meet the desired outcome.