Computer Failure - The Blue Screen and the Solutions

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Almost all computer friends have encountered the phenomenon of blue screen. Blue screen is a very common phenomenon, and even Bill Gates cannot avoid it when he was introducing Windows 98 in the conference. The occurrence of blue screen has a variety of reasons, mainly including hardware and software problems, incompatibility between the hardware and software can also cause the problems. Today I will introduce the main causes of computer blue screen and the solutions to solve it. 

The common causes of blue screen are summarized as follows:

1. Bad memory or memory corruption leading to blue screen

Almost all high-speed data access operating are carried out in the memory during the system running. So if the memory is bad or damaged, the problems will appear in the data access system. And it is very easy to cause the system to blue screen or crash! Generally, the bad memory is due to excessive accumulation of dust inside the computer, or memory is not fully seated. If you have two memories, one of them can be pulled for testing. Or it’s for the hardware problem.

Solution: clean the dust inside the chassis, disconnect the memory, wipe with a rubber finger, and then re-seated.

2. Software Compatibility problems cause computer blue screen

If the incompatibility between the software and hardware might cause blue screen when installing the system recently, my advice is to install the CD-ROM drive (to be consistent with the operating system used) which was proposed during the installation of the hardware. And if there are some problems to run the original CD-ROM drive, other driver download sites might help.

If the computer run well for a long time but get the blue screen suddenly, it generally is due to excessive dust inside the computer memory (according to the above mentioned methods to solve), and cause compatibility problems with the system software, we can review which new software has installed recently, and check whether blue screen error will still appear after uninstall it. Or we can use windows system restore function, to restore the system directly to the last restore point to detect.

3. Trojan virus cause the computer to blue screen

Today, the Trojan viruses vary their types and way of transmission, and some of which are hard to detect. Some Trojan viruses infect the system files, causing errors or system resources exhaust, they may also cause blue screen phenomenon. It is proposed to install anti-virus software for testing. But as we all know, the update speed of anti-virus is hard to catch up with the speed of the viruses, we need to train the ability of manually killing the virus.

4. Hard disk Bad sectors cause the computer to blue screen

Same as the memory, the hard drives will also carry some of the data access operating. If the access / read system files area get the bad sectors, it can also cause system not function properly, resulting in system crash, and blue screen!

The solution: Back up important data to re-format the system partition. The successful reformat will not affect the use of the partition, or only abandoned the partition or hard disk replacement will work.

5. Bad graphics card cause the computer to blue screen

The screen has much connection to the graphics card or the video card. So if the blue screen error occurs often, we will alert to check whether the inner graphics card or video card is corrupt or not. If it is, just upgrade the intel graphics driver or change it to a new one, that would solve the problem.

Several tips to avoid the blue screen:

1. Clean the inside dust of the computer chassis regularly.

2. Do not install software casually; only install the healthy and good software.

3. Visit less the unhealthy websites, and do not open the strangers’ sharing sites.

4. Do not run multiple resource-intensive processes to avoid depletion of the computer.

5. Clean system registry and garbage regularly, check disk defragmentation to avoid hard disk bad sectors.

With all of the measures, I’m sure we’ll all keep our computer run at good condition and stop such blue screen errors.