Scott brothers launch Purefold - Blade Runner inspired video universe for brands under CC license

Written by Nic Wistreich on . Posted in Internet

New digital agency AG8 has partnered with Scott Free - digital agency for Tony and Ridley Scott - to launch PureFold, which 'enables participating brands to take an alternative route to brand integration than traditional product placement and embrace invention within a narrative framework'. The project will launch at the upcomming B.Tween Festival in Liverpool.

From Paid Conent:

Purefold is described as an “open media franchise” and has the rather grand aim of answering “what does it mean to be human?” But the short, inter-linked, sci-fi styled films are real and will be created by RSA’s global pool of directors—and the film-makers will use the web as their inspiration, taking chatter from FriendFeed and turning it into plotlines and dialogue. The clips will be distributed via YouTube on a Creative Commons basis. The Leftbrainrightbrain blog reports that there will be seven interlinked storylines and the project wants 10 brands to come on board.

And from the AG8 site:

"What happens when content production frees itself from the shackles of copyright?

What happens when people’s lifestreams influence and drive fictional storytelling?

What happens when storytelling becomes decentralised, grown through a collective rather than through an individual author?

What happens when product and service invention, rather than product placement, drives the development of branded content?

What happens when transmedia thinking is embedded into stories from the very beginning rather than as an afterthought?

What happens when media agencies are able to sell StorySpace rather than AirTime?

What happens when the best of Hollywood is brought together with the best of Web 2.0?

What happens when brands embrace the notion of empathy by listening to what their audiences want from the near future?

What happens to humans when we reach the Singularity?

Join us in the exploration, over on FriendFeed"