First Youtuber to Get TV Deal from Vlog

Written by Nic Wistreich on . Posted in Internet

brooke brookers brodackBrooke "Brookers" Brodack has become the first person to get picked up from YouTube by a recongised Hollywood producer after being signed earlier this month to an 18-month talent and development deal with Carson Daly Productions. The video blogger (vlogger) has gained several million views for videos which include Crazed Numa Fan, a gobledegook homage to another Internet viral hit - Gary Brolsma's Numa Numa.

"The Internet has become a new platform for identifying emerging artists such as Brookers. I hope to give her the opportunity to expose her talent on a much larger scale," Carson Daly, former MTV presenter and host of NBC's late-night show "Last Call," told Variety

The original Crazed Numa Fan video which has gained almost 2 million views. (based on Gary Brolsna's  Numa Numa  based on Dragonstea Din Tei by the Romanian Boyband O-zone)

"Several things immediately caught my eye watching her videos," Daly said. "She's got a fresh point of view, considerable directing skills and a great sense of music and how to use it. There is potential for Webisodes, mobile series and definitely a great TV show here. She'll be an exciting package to present to networks"


Recent Vlog - 'The Truth' 

"I just love it that no middleman is involved," Daly told the LA Times. "There's no agent, nothing. The pipeline is direct. I think it's going to exponentially change how the business is run."