Film Finance and Distribution Summit in LA

Written by James MacGregor on . Posted in Finance

  Industry Makeover For New Investments


Dan Glickman, President of the  MPA is keynote speaker Strategic Research Institute's Summit is scheduled for November 27-28 in Los Angeles, CA.

The entertainment industry is getting a face lift with the infusion of new investments, creative distribution outlets, and consumer behaviour evolving to "industry-wide standards." A better looking industry has attracted Wall Street -- investments in content and intellectual property as a new form of asset-backed transactions, in distressed debt, and with hedge funds for guarantees on capital.


Kicking off the event will be Mr. Dan Glickman -- an industry veteran and head of the Motion Pictures Association of America -- who will discuss the future of the entertainment industry.

The scope of the two day conference will include Wall Street's renewed interest in film financing, what film companies have to do to attract these new types of transactions, the future of the entertainment industry -- Digital Age, secondary markets, the new mindset of the consumer, among other relevant topics.

The conference will bring together investors, producers, analysts, service providers, and other related professionals to contemplate new opportunities in film financing and new developments in the entertainment industry at large.

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